Friday, January 29, 2010


It was nice to wake up to just a cloudy day,as I went outside to do the morning feeding I could feel the moisture in the air and the quiet stillness was hanging on.I finished the cleaning downstairs,got another big bag of trash plus 1 for Goodwill. Boy I have a great feeling of accomplishment,finishing the job right on time. Last year I got sick and some of the cleaning I did this year hadn't been done in 2 years! Thank you Lord for a month of wellness and energy for a job well done. After lunch I refilled all the bird feeders as their has been a flurry of activity this morning.
About 3:00 as I walked through the living room and looked out the window I saw a white cloud reaching the ground and moving quickly toward me. Snow was falling so fast and thick it didn't take long to accumulate on everything, even the roads. The brine they spent the morning spraying on the roads couldn't work with this much snow falling. The scanner lit up with accidents everywhere. Hubbie made it home about an hour early and daughter came in shortly after. #1 son brought g-son here while he went to the store to get some fuel and take his generator over to his house while he could still get up his driveway.Pre-school didn't go so well today as the pump knot on his head looked like it hurt really bad,as the bags under his eyes give a clue to how much crying he must have done. WhenI ask him what happen he said "my friend pushed me on a shelf"??????. Boys will be boys,he hasn't had any bumps or bruises in quite awhile,but it seems he's on a mission to make up for lost time.
D-in-love got caught in Asheville and had to drive very slowly home ,but she made it. They parked both cars over here so they could get out if needed. I went out at 5:45 to put the dogs up and feed them.There is about 4" of snow and still coming down although not as hard right now.But to figure it is snowing almost 2" an hour,I gotta pray it does slack off.Birds were still gobbling up seed late into the evening. The road actually looked a little better now than it did earlier as heavy traffic made their way home from work. #2 son made it home from his mail route about 7:00 tonight.Thank You Lord for getting my family all safely home. Now I can relax and enjoy some of the beauty of a snowfall. These azalea bushes had snow flowers blooming on them this evening.And this tree got covered with this heavy wet snow very quicky,the beauty of a fresh snowfall is hard to match especially as it comes in the middle of winter when the main color is drab and grey mixed together.
Just had to call the neighbor and tell him a car just slid off the road and through his fence,then they took his gate down and drove away. Some people just don't care what happens to you as long as they don't have to own up to what they do. He has about 30 cows and calves in there and they were right there in plane view. It is still snowing to beat the band outside at 8:00.
Just listened to the latest weather report and am wondering what we'll wake up to in the morning.
Now there is a chance of freezing rain on top of all this snow,uhhh,I sure hope not. I walked out into the snow earlier and it is so pretty,the snow has changed to powdery and as I kicked it around I thought what pretty pictures it will make in the morning.At midnight it is 29 degrees and snowing again. God watch over all the workers who will have to be on the roads early in the morning. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I am very thankful that your family members are all safe. These are pretty pictures you have shared and your grandson is just so sweet - bless his heart. Be careful and keep us posted.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Pretty snow pictures, We finally ended up with about 4-5 inches --but we got an inch of ICE (freezing rain) on top of the snow last night... I love snow--but hate the ice. I took a bunch of pictures today... Will show them in upcoming blogs.

We can't get out... Thank goodness we don't have to. No mail service today--and not one single vehicle has come up our road. Supposed to go down to 9 degrees tonight. Yipes!!!!

Stay warm and stay SAFE.