Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Up and out with a purpose this morning.Almost had the rest of the Christmas decorations put away before g-son got here,so he helped me with the last of them.Even as cold as it was, 16 degrees,he asked if he could slide a few times,on his last slide his boggin had slid down partially over his eyes and he ran into the platform on his slide,big pump knot over his eye!
I started bringing all the stuff I took off my shelves back upstairs and cleaning and putting it back.
After lunch I was listening to the scanner while I worked in the kitchen and they had a chase going in our area and called in the helicopter to assist in locating this man in a jeep who had gone off-road on them. I needed to take a large quilt to the laundramat and wash it in one of their large machines,so g-son and I headed out. While the quilt washed g-son had the best time playing with a small rubber ball he got out of one of the machines.He was having so much fun chasing that bouncing ball,when I put the quilt in the dryer and told him we were going to Ingles while it dryed,he did not want to leave.
After a promise of M&M cookies we were on our way.
While I was in Ingles, Hubbie called and wanted to know where I was.He said the man they were chasing jumped out of his jeep and was spotted running in the pasture across the road from our place.WELLLLLL?????
I went back by the laundry and started home,not knowing what to do,as my house is pretty secluded and would make a perfect hiding place. G-son was asleep in the back seat. Thankfully #2 son was off today and at home, so I went by there,told him what was going on and asked him to go to my house with me and check it all out before g-son and I went in. Seeing him carrying a gun made my skin crawl,but he said he wasn't taking any chances. Thank God all was clear and he left g-son and I all locked in and safe.
I thought about how roles change over the years, parents protect their children,then when the children grow up they protect their parents! I am so blessed to have the kids close enough to enjoy their protection! He had carried sleeping g-son in and layed him on the couch where he slept all evening very peacefully. #1 son came in from work and went alone to check out his house,no sign of any foul play,but he did find a water leak in his crawl space.
D-in-love came in and stayed here while he was working on the leak. She talked to a friend who's husband was a deputy involved in the chase and he said they never caught the guy.We couldn't find out why they were chasing him to begin with.
I went back to work on the kitchen/dining room but had several interruptions , hubbie's brother came by with some papers on their dad and I had to pay bills and make a to do list for tomorrow when I'm in town, so I'll have to finish that clean up tomorrow.
Caught a few different visitors at the feeders this morning.This Brown Thrasher seemed to be frozen as he soaked up the sunshine in the cool morning hours.This Red-bellied Woodpecker was enjoying the suet cake even though it had to be frozen.And this Blue Jay seemed to giving the "breakfast is served" call to all his friends.
Annie and Sadie the dogs kept coming into the back yard and kept clearing out the feeders while I was trying to get pictures. Finally Annie layed down on the steps as if to say this picture taking session is over!
Thanking God for a wonderful day with g-son and for keeping us safe. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

That is scary about the guy getting away from the police. Glad your son was able to make sure things were safe for you. You are blessed with great children. By the way, I'd go to Ingle's with you too for an M & M cookie! I love those!

Claudia said...

D-in-love told me about that, scary times ha?!

I was just looking at the paper on-line and there's a small article about it.

Thank God no one was kill or hurt on all this, let's pray they catch him soon.

Love the birds, I think my favorite one is the Blue Jay.