Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today started early and ended late and was all housework and laundry in between,UHHH!!
To think I only got my bathrooms and living room done today is depressing, but the deep cleaning I've done today only happens once every great while. That's where I move everything including furniture,all things on shelves,all the notes and papers,magazines, nothing in these rooms escaped my trusty cleaning tools today,whew!! I also carried all the plastic containers holding Christmas decorations up to the shed and stored them away for another year(well actually about 10 1/2 months).
I'll still looking forward to finishing the new room,here is more of the furniture deals I got. This is the smoked glass oak table I found at Habitat's Restore at their 50% off sale,marked down to $150,it came with 6 chairs although I don't understand why,as you can see it is made for 4 chairs.The chairs swivel and rock and have rollers on the bottoms, it's nice to have 2 extra chairs for sitting away from the table.
While waiting on hubbie to appear with the truck to haul it home I spotted this little table in another part of the store which matched the dining table perfectly,right down to the smoked glass inserts and at 50% off the $37 price tag was right on it also. These items resided in the back of hubbie's truck covered in tarps for several weeks waiting for the construction to be completed. It sure peaked the builders curiousity about what was covered in the truck.
Like I said before this was a complete switch from the decor I started out imagining. To complete the furnishings at the Interior Decorating shop I found 2 chairs with wild animal print upholstery and at their 50% off sale I got both chairs for $150,1 is a recliner and 1 is a rocker.I must say they are way more comfortable to sit in than any of the wicker chairs I looked at. The old lamp on the table between the chairs above also came from this sale.
The high today was 24 again,I think we're stuck on this number! The wind picked up this evening and snow flurries are blowing around.Tonight is suppose to be about 12 again.
It's another night to relax by the fire listening to the wind blowing outside and feeling very thankful that I have a warm home and all the comforts of a good life thanks to the good Lord. I heard this morning on the news about another house that burned down because the family who lived there was using space heaters for heat because they couldn't afford to pay a power bill. That is so sad,especially when children are involved.
I've lived in hard times and maybe that's why my heart hurts when I hear about things like this.
I like to sit and stare into the flames in our stove it is almost hypnotizing and it gives me a wonderful peaceful feeling.
I didn't post much about resolutions for the new year,but I am trying to get up everyday with a purpose in mind and so far I've gotten a lot done with this frame of mind. Tomorrow I will continue my cleaning madness in the kitchen/dining room area. I also still have a few Christmas things that need to be put away and more laundry.
God bless the homeless people tonight and all these cold nights,also all the animals that are out in the freezing temperatures. Good Night and God Bless.


Claudia said...

I love to watch the fire, I grew up doing that and I miss it tremendously as an adult, specially when that wind is blowing (which to be honest I'm kind of sick of hearing every night, just as I'm sick of seeing snow/ice outside my window, not sure I could live in Minnesota or any place like that, I'd be a grouch!!!!). It doesn't help that my pipes are frozen again, I'm praying for it not to be underground pipes but just the surface but it seems like is not since we've been trying to thaw it since last night with no luck.
Self control and prayers are keeping my sanity right now.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love your chairs! They match my curtains!! How weird is that!!
You have a lovely blog here and I really enjoyed my visit and I will come by often!! Thank you for the comments on my blog! :)