Friday, January 15, 2010


Had a surprise change in plans this morning,hubbie called while I was doing my Yoga routine and said he was going to take 1/2 day off. He said since it was so nice today,he thought it would be perfect to move the lumber and scraps and clean up the yard.
So I baked my cakes while he finished his 1/2 day.And after lunch we went outside in our long shirt sleeves,without jackets, first time this winter,wow! It felt so good to get out in the warm sunshine and fresh air and work. While he moved the lumber,I cleaned up the yard,believe it or not things were still froze to the ground and covered with ice. I used an aluminum ball bat to knock some things loose from the ground. I also cleaned out our garden shed and found a place for g-son's little slide,now that he has a big one,this one will be stored to await #2 g-child!!!!!
That was a job I hadn't planned until later but it's nice to have it done.
Had a three new visitors at the feeders today.This male Downy Woodpecker seemed to be checking me out before he decided to have a suet snack. Hubbie used to get so mad at the woodpeckers around here for pecking holes in the wood siding on our house,but since I have been putting suet out they haven't been on the house once,that was an easy fix and I hope it last.
This little sweetie pie was interested in what I was doing but seemed to be very calm and stayed at the feeder even after I opened the door. I think this is a Least Flycatcher,if anyone who knows their birds better than me,which is probably almost anyone,please correct me on the names,thanks in advance!!
This little Song Sparrow (I think!)
was almost blended into the leaves and brown grasses. I love seeing new and different types of birds at the feeders.
This little guy has been a routine sight in the yard as of late along with a host of his gray friends. And I was sort of surprised to see this larger Red-bellied Woodpecker patiently waiting his turn while the Downy Woodpecker was at the suet feeder. Rain is supposed to start tomorrow so I'm glad I got to enjoy this beautiful day outside with all my feathered and furry friends.
After supper we went to finish up work at church. I rested for a few minutes when we returned and then iced my cakes and boxed some for orders. I'm tired and sore but it is a good accomplished tired. Listening to the news just now and the death count in Haiti is at 140,00o
and sure to climb as they dig through the rubble and many already pulled out but aren't receiving any medical care will surely die,so sad! I'm praying for all over there.
God bless the rescuers and the rescued as the days mount up for those who are trapped,give them peace and guidance. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

We had the same warm sunshine yesterday and it felt so nice. I love all the birds coming to the feeders and you took some good pictures to share. We were having trouble with woodpeckers on the house and a painter told us to put a rubber snake up on the roof - believe it or not - it worked! Wishing you a Saturday full of blessings.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, You have some great birds there!!!! We had trouble at first with woodpeckers pecking on our wooden house--but we put windchimes up all over the place.. Haven't had any trouble since..

And of course I feed them too.. We have the Red-bellied here. They are a nice woodpecker and none of the other birds are afraid of them. We also have the Downy's, Northern Flickers, Pileated and Red-headed.

A white squirrel, huh???? Do you have lots of them??? Amazing!!! We have the little ole gray ones...

It was much warmer here today also--but the rains are coming.

Have a great Sunday.