Thursday, January 21, 2010


Woke to the familiar sound of rain pattering down. Sloshed outside to take care of the animals,then while I ate breakfast I watched the weather predictions on TV. They said maybe flooding this afternoon,so I decided to slosh out this morning and run my errands so I would be home to put the cattle up if needed this afternoon. I got soaked at every stop and I made quite a few,this is just great as I just got rid of the sniffles. My last stop was at Ingles for one particular thing they had on sale. Lucky they had 7 left,so I loaded them all in my cart,then I remembered the 10% off coupon I had in my purse,so I looked around to see if I needed anything else,finding several things of course. When I got to the checkout and she started ringing up the sale items,they weren't ringing on sale so she got the manager to go check the price on the shelf. He came back and said ,"well the sign was there but it shouldn't have been on this variety", I said but the paper had them advertised also. GRRRRR!!!! This is where it got unbelievable, he said he would sell me 1 of the items for the sale price because it was their fault for putting the sign up but wouldn't sell me all 7 of them. Then they wound up not giving me credit for all they had charged me for since I refused to buy them at regular price,and I had to go back and get another refund.I shop at Ingles a lot but this stinks and my stops there from now on will be limited. To top it all off I forgot to use my 10% coupon so I guess the jokes on me after all!
Finally got home at 12:30,ate lunch and did my exercises that I skipped this morning,good to work off some of my frustration. I worked cleaning my office all afternoon,now I only like downstairs,which will be easier since I had that all re-arranged when they plumbed the house. I finally got my old saw collection hung up. At the top is an old cross-cut Buck saw and above the door is a 6 foot 2-man cross-cut saw.My dad had one just like this,but I have no idea what happened to it, most of his things mysteriously disappeared shortly after his death. So when I see something like he had it still brings back happy memories even it wasn't exactly the one he had and who knows I may have bought back his actual saw.There is no doubt about this old handsaw as dad's name is stamped into a metal tag and attached to the handle,I have no idea why he would have put his name on this saw. This old Bow saw I bought,but the old lantern hanging beside it came out of hubbie's grandmother's smokehouse. I'm really glad to finally have a place to display all these memories. And I will share many more as time allows.
Tonight I'm tired, I stopped cleaning long enough this afternoon to fix 2 caramel cakes and some green beans to send to the high school to help in feeding my cousin's/coach's family before his visitation. Daughter came by after work and delivered them with some things she had made for them last night,then she had to go to coach her little girls practice. Hubbie and I ate supper and then waited on daughter to get here before we went to the visitation,we stood in line for an hour,there were many people there,I was glad for the large gym,no funeral home in town could have held such a large crowd without standing out in the cold.All us old players of his got to sign a basketball with the years we played and got a sticker like we used to wear with TP on it,these were coach's initials but they also stood for Team Power!!
We came home,changed clothes and went to work at church, daughter baked while we were gone. Now I'm listening to the news,the temperatures are dropping and they are calling for freezing rain tonight.It is 34 here now at 11:15 so with the light rain falling it is going to be a good possibility.
Always be mindful of the gift that God created in you! Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

My favorite store to shop here is Ingle's but what your manager did today is just wrong! That would have really gotten my blood pressure up.
I love your saw collection - nice that they bring sweet memories of your dad.
We had a lot of rain, wind and colder temps yesterday - really just a depressing day!!!
Wishing you a very nice weekend.

Claudia said...

Oh that makes me mad when people put signs on the wrong side and then we are the ones that have to pay for it - I understand we all make mistakes but still ... not fair! One time I try using some triple coupons there and they wouldn't let me because they were more than a certain amount, of course that wasn't posted anywhere ... I'm a big Wal-Mart fan, yes is big but I always find what I want, Ingles has become more convenient since I can go in and out quickly and let's just say with the big belly I'm carrying this is nice for me. :0)

One day I'm gonna have to go to your house and admire all your collections!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I would have been so MAD at Ingles. Did you talk to the manager??? I would have caused a stink right there on the spot, especially if it was in the paper AND on the shelf... Most stores would have given you the sale price, I think... GADS!!!!

Nice collection of saws... Like the way you all have them displayed also...

Hope you are having a good day. It's foggy and dreary here today.