Thursday, January 7, 2010


AHHH!!!!! 28 degrees in the morning hours,feels like a heat wave! I went to do the added morning chore of breaking ice so the cattle could get a drink and they had already broken the ice on the pond their selves. After chores and breakfast I headed out to do some in town chores.
Got all the regular errands done in record time so I decided to shop around for some edging for a shelf in the new room. After 2 stops and countless "no we don't have anything like that" ,I finally ran across a very helpful person in Home Depot who at least acted like they knew what I was talking about and low and behold they did have it,it's called Galley edging, who knew!!! So I now have 3 different pieces to compare as I bought 2 other ones before I found this.
My last stop was Walmart and let me tell you who ever said "all women like to shop" was wrong,I hate shopping,but I did find a black runner to catch the mud and snow across my new floor and some new bathroom rugs. I'm finally home with things put away at 3:30,whew.
I went outside to refill the bird feeders and not a bird was in sight,when I finished and came back inside I turned around and there looked like there were 50 birds fluttering around,they must have been waiting for the refill!!!I must say I do admire these morning doves,no wonder they are peace symbols,they never fight for position on the feeders,they happily scoop up the dropped seed from the other birds flury at the feeders. And they are not so picky about what type of seed they eat,as some of the other birds scratch out some seed to get to the special ones they like. Wouldn't it be a nice world if everyone was thankful and happy with whatever was available! Did you know that in many superstitions, devils and witches could take the form of any bird except the DOVE!!
I can't believe people actually hunt and kill these humble little birds. Maybe that's why I have so many on my farm,we do not allow any hunting on our property.
Well all my shopping for shelf trim was in vain today,hubbie came in and said look at this trim I made today,we compared it to what I had bought and #1 son was here also and all 3 of us thought the piece hubbie made looked and matched the best. Oh well, and to think that one will be free because he is making it from left over lumber,even better since I need about 45 feet of this trim.
After a light supper we headed to work at church,to try to get done early before the predicted snow fall gets here. It just started blowing a few flurries around as we headed home about 9:00. It is 10:30 now and the temperature is 33 degrees,haven't seen that in a while. But it is suppose to get back very cold tomorrow. I have a couple of cake orders for Saturday but will decide in the morning how much more to bake.
Thank you Lord for the blessings of today. Good Night and God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

We have a lot of doves also. They tickle me when they fly off; they almost look like they are not going to "lift!"