Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well I checked out the forecast this morning and either way you look at it we stand to get a lot of snow. Let's just say this, if we don't there are a lot of weather people who are going to have a lot of crow to eat! That is some pretty substantial snow accumulations!
I spent the morning doing some more cleaning downstairs. After lunch I headed to town to run my errands. I need to do my weekly Aldi and Walmart shopping and I dread it as I know these stores are going to be sooooooo crowded with everyone stocking up for the big snow. I saved them for last and Aldi was pretty crowded,my friend who manages the store was on a register and she said her back was killing her,it had been nonstop since 9 am. I stopped in Tractor Supply to pick up more suet cakes, can't let the little birds go hungry! Now last but never least was a stop at Wallyworld , their had to be a million cars in the parking lot!!!! I did my shopping and headed up front expecting to stand in a long line, low and behold as I cruised across the cashier lines,I saw a cashier beckoning from one of the back registers,my lucky day!!!!!!! I was checked out in a flash and on my way.I will give Walmart credit however,they did have most of their registers open today.
I'm home and unloaded, taking a coffee break,waiting on hubbie to get off work.We are going to put a new cover on Annie and Sadie's lot and houses. The tarp we have up there now was mostly for shade in the summer and rain,it isn't made to hold snow. It is full of holes and rips from the last snow we had. Today has been a beautiful day,60 degrees with lots of sunshine,hard to believe such a change is coming!
Hubbie and I fixed up a cover on the dog's lot to keep them all dry and cozy for the snowy weather. All 4 dogs, Annie,Sadie, Bernie and Dolly were playing around while we worked and Dolly ended up getting hurt. She is so small she gets stepped on when the other dogs are playing around and she tries to join the fun. Then she comes screaming to me to be picked up and consoled. She's all better now but probably will be sore in the morning.Another January day comes to a colorful end. A few clouds are starting to drift in late this evening creating a pink and blue sunset. I'm very lucky as I can watch the sunset from the couch in my living room. When I was outside earlier I noticed how eerily quite and still it felt, sure signs snowfall is coming. Another old prediction will come true with this snow also. During the rain storm last Sunday night it thundered and my daddy always said "if it thunders in the winter time you can expect snow within 7 days"!!!! I don't mind snow,but #2 son is always on my mind because he is a mailman and has to work, so that's a reason I hope we don't get as much as they say. I will and do pray everyday for his safety along with all the other public servants that must get out on the roads no matter what the weather.
We did extra cleaning at church tonight in case we can't get back tomorrow night. The air has a definite chill to it as we came home,although it is still 39 degrees,you can almost feel the humidity level going up out there.
God has it all planned out and we just have to have faith in His graciousness. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it, I heard thunder in the last few days too! As we enjoyed the warm sun yesterday it was hard for us to believe bad weather was expected this weekend also. How thoughtful of you to get the birds more suet - they will be happy. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sunset. I pray that you and your family will have a safe and nice weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Just dropping by to say HI. We have snow-snow-snow today/tonight.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... Can you just imagine how excited I am???? How much do you have? You all usually always get alot more than we do... We may get up to 9 inches... I am just happy to have anything!!!!! Yeah Rah...