Friday, January 8, 2010


BRRRRR!!! Again,looks like I would get used to this cold by now,but I don't think you ever get used to 12 degrees with the wind blowing. Broke cattle's water again,hubbie broke it before he went to work to keep it from freezing super hard.Which brings me to an aggravating issue I have with Tractor Supply. Hubbie went in the store Tuesday to buy a water tank heater,was told a truck was coming in Wednesday with some on it. Went by early Wednesday morning,was told (by the same guy) they haven't unloaded the truck yet,give me you're name and number and I'll call you when they get them unloaded. No call Wednesday,no call Thursday,now that's either a huge huge truck or the people that were unloading all got sick and had to stop their job, I'm sure the guy didn't forget to call,that wouldn't be good for business!!!!
I decided by Wednesday night I would just go online and order one,but that's not happening either, I can't order that product online because my local store has it in stock. Hubbie went back today and was told (by the same guy) they couldn't find them,GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to my day,g-son came as I was getting ready to bake some cakes,our snow amounted to a light dusting so I'll be going to market in the single digit temperatures.I got another order this morning so maybe people won't let the cold keep them home. G-son was in a mood this morning so I just left him alone to bring himself out of it and it didn't take long,
maybe Spongebob Squarepants' smile was contagious! I got my baking done and played with him until he wanted to watch more TV. I cleaned in my Kitchen/dining room,washing my cup collection.I started collecting cups years ago each place I went and when the kids started traveling,that was a requirement of them,that they bring me a cup from where they went. Some of #1 son's cups came from Jamaica(honeymoon) and Alaska, #2 son went to Hawaii to a b-ball camp, and daughter is the traveler Cancun, California,and many more.I guess the fartherest one for me is Texas. These are just another part of my memories. I take them all down and wash them once a year and I get to think about the places I've been and marvel at the traveling the kids have done and pray to God that their will be plenty more in the coming years. I have always made January my cleaning month,most people do spring cleaning,I'd rather clean when it's cold and nasty outside,when spring gets here I'll want to be outside in the sunshine. I had to quit cleaning my cabinets because I ran out of Magic Sponges, I don't know why they work so well but I tried a regular sponge and it didn't work. So the cleaning in there will spill into next week.
My feeders were busy again today and moving the chair didn't even slow the squirrels down,they just climb straight up the metal pole. I guess if the birds can eat their food they feel like they can eat the bird's food.This little Wren seems to prefer the Squirrel corn to her food. I hope all the animals got their bellies full to help them get through this cold night. #1 son came after g-son and hubbie and I got out in the cold one more time to go finish our work at church.It was nice to get back in front of the warm fire and take a break before icing and wrapping my cakes.
It is 11:30, the temperature is 13 and I hear the wind blowing,this is going to be the worst night so far. I pray for all the outside creatures and for anyone who is caught out tonight without a warm place to be,God bless them.
Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, It is 12* here this morning too. Looks like a good day to continue indoor Spring cleaning for me! You be careful today out and about. I love the wren photo. They are so comical to watch - very entertaining. Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for your prayers and kindness.

Anonymous said...

me again.....I forgot to say that I love your cup collection. It's fun to look back and see all the places you and your children have visited I am sure.