Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Where did this come from??????? That's what everyone must have been wondering this morning as snow began falling but didn't show up on any weather radar screens. Weather lady at noon said it was actually below the radar beams! It caught a lot of drivers by surprise as it made the cold roads icy slick very quickly. I would have hated to have taken the ride the driver of this car took on the slick road! I spent the day inside doing housework and laundry and watching all the activity at my feeders again today. My white squirrel made an appearance today,I haven't seen him in quite a while. He joined a host of birds in chowing down on my offerings,this Wren seems to be saying "save some for me please".
The cold dusting of snow made me feel sorry for their little feet as they hopped around searching for dropped seeds. Today the Morning Doves proved me wrong when I said they never fly up and eat out of the feeders.
Although one of them looks as if they aren't sure how to get to the seeds! I just had to take another picture of this beautiful brightly colored Blue Jay.
Sometimes they can really be kind of pesty but their is no denying their beauty.
The snow showers stopped by noon and the sun came out,although the temperature never got above 32,the sun melted most of the new snow off the roads thankfully. I feel much better today and got more "winter" cleaning done along with 5 loads of laundry. My highschool basketball coach who also is a cousin of mine has been moved into Hospice care at the Elizabeth House. I have been praying for his daughters and his wife today,as they are a very close family. He has been sick for quite a few years,and it has taken a tole on their whole family especially his wife. Praying that his suffering on this earth will soon turn into rejoicing with His Heavenly Father.Also praying for God's comforting grace for the loving family he leaves behind.
This day ended with this beautiful sunset and while I took the picture I noticed a jet stream that seemed to be going straight up in the sky.A calm beautiful ending to a day that started out so chaotic.
That's what makes this life so interesting and ever changing,we must learn to adapt to changes that happen in each hour,minute and second of everyday. God loves us so much He offers many different blessings each hour,minute and second, we have to have our heart open to accept them all the time. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Nana, Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back. Most of the time, I write about JOYFUL things --so I apologize for my upset post yesterday.. Sounds kinda trivial when thinking about what just happened in Haiti.

My hubby and hike LOVE the NC mountains. Many of my blog posts are talking about our trips there. Where are you???? We recently came home from the Brevard area.

It snowed here all day yesterday too---and nobody knew that we were going to get any.... DUH!!!!! BUT--the warm up is coming! Yeah!