Sunday, January 17, 2010


Dreary day this morning when I got to church.It didn't flood but the creek was really high.
Had a very nice service today,pastor is teaching a series about true love. If you don't know the love of God you can't love! When we came out of church the rain had stopped and it was clearing off.
Everyone came for lunch and then d-in-love and I took all the food up to my cousins house.They were gone to make the funeral arrangements ,one of the grandsons and his wife were there. We stayed and talked for a little with some other neighbors that had stopped by.
When we got back g-son was outside helping daughter walk a dog she was sitting this weekend.The really cute thing he did was,when the owners of the dog came,g-son led the dog up to them and said "this is my friend Maggie"! G-son is an animal lover like all the family.
#1 son and d-in-love went to a new class at church and g-son stayed with us,he and his aunt T put together a left behind gingerbread house.
He was very picky about where he wanted to place the candies, you could almost see the wheels turning in that cute little head as he designed his masterpiece.Maybe next year this will be a "before" Christmas project! He recited the days of the week tonight for us,he must have learned this at pre-school this past week. Right now he is like a little sponge,he absorbs everything.
This has been another family filled relaxing Sunday,I love these.
After everyone left I vegged out on the couch and watched a ball game on TV with my 4-legged kids. Unbelievably it is 47 degrees at 10:30 tonight. That is so nice I hope this warm weather last! I think I hear a long bubble bath calling me tonight! Thanking God tonight for this blessed day and all the days to come. Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you had a great day. That was good that your weather started clearing up. Ours was drizzly most of the day--but is supposed to be nice tomorrow. I too watched a couple of football games today... Nice day for doing almost nothing!!! ha

Have a good Monday and week.

Mildred said...

Grandson is a doll! That is so cute about him "introducing" his new friend, Maggie!!! ha
I am loving the warmer temps and hope for some warm days to get out in the yard and at least pick up some fallen limbs. Hope your week is full of blessings.