Saturday, January 9, 2010


Cold market day,daughter was already there from her cat sitting job when I arrived this morning.Had a fair day ,the weather considered,I wouldn't be out this morning if I didn't need to! Daughter left early as her little 4th grade girl's b-ball team had their first game at 12:00.
They lost but she said they played so much better than last season it was remarkable,the score was 22-18, bless their hearts I don't know if they scored 18 points in the entire season all together last year so they are off to good start.
When I left market I went by the Co-op to pick up some fresh Kale greens and some tart cherry juice to help my joint pain,another old remedy I read about,one of these days I'll find something that works for me! I took this picture as I left the co-op,it is hard to believe there is still this much snow from Dec 18th and this was in a sunny area.
After I unloaded and put everything away I layed on the couch with my 4-legged kids and took a short nap.I didn't sleep well last night, right after I went to bed I thought I heard the sound of running water. I got up and walked all over the house basement and all but couldn't find any thing. Had a hard time going to sleep,have no idea why.Probably went to sleep about 2:30 am,then at 6 am I woke up to a loud noise,sounded like maybe someone had broken in the downstairs door and I kept laying there listening to hear something else until I dozed back off, the 8:00 alarm came way to fast.
I napped until 4:30 then got ready to go out to dinner with the church staff. The pastor takes the entire staff out for a nice dinner every year as his gift to us.It was a wonderful time of fellowship and good food. Driving to the restaurant the sunset was really pretty,this picture doesn't show the true beauty of the beautifully purple colored horizon. While we waited for the other members to arrive we watched the icy water cascade over this man made waterfall into a frozen lake. It is very cold again tonight,at 10:00 it is 18 and falling fast. On my drive home this afternoon I passed an old house,this is one of the oldest still standing houses that I know of in our area. It always catches my attention but today I went back and made pictures and thought about how it was in cold times living in these old houses,no insulation,no thermopane glass,only a fireplace for heat,lanterns for light,no running water, and I felt really guilty for complaining about the cold weather or anything else for that matter. We don't realize how good we've got it. I don't know who owns this old house but it is a part of the history of this area and I thought I had better take pictures now as it is looking pretty shaky,another 11" of snow will probably collapse the porch roof. I love these old houses and would love to have one of these to renovate to it's original state. This house reminds me of hubbie's grandparents house,almost the identical design right down to the side porch. Their house was sold and the new owners modernized it,I'd love to see what they did on the inside, but then again maybe I wouldn't.
I am tired tonight and am hoping my afternoon nap won't affect my sleep tonight. I have some reading to catch up on ,maybe that will help.
Thanking God for my wonderful church family staff,they are such genuine Lord loving people,and I'm so glad He placed them in my life. Good Night and God Bless.

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