Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Housework and laundry filled this cold day. This morning I hadn't paid any attention to the temperature,the sun was shining brightly so I headed outside to hang out a load of towels.Boy did I get a cool surprise,I checked the temp when I got back inside,it was 38,brrr! I was thankful when I did my Yoga exercise this morning because one of my hips that last week was so weak I couldn't do a leg left was strong enough this morning to do it,it hurt like the dickens but I did it,yeah!! This afternoon I got out a bunch of baby things,I had stored downstairs and when hubbie came in we put them up in the new storage area that was created when the new room was built. That frees up a lot of space downstairs. We finished evening chores and then made a much needed trip to Sam's Club. We hadn't had supper so we had one of their hotdogs before we left. It is cold outside as the temperature is mid twenties.They are predicting a snow storm for Friday,we'll see! Nothing exciting going on today,but it is a welcome change from the last several days. My knee hurts tonight as it always does after housecleaning day so I vegged out on the couch,watched a b-ball game and am now listening to the news while I blog.This is another picture I took yesterday of 4 pairs of Mallards. Did you know that Mallards are the ancestors of almost all ducks. They pair up only until the female lays her eggs then the male leaves,huh, just like a man!!!!!!
Before you go to bed at night give your troubles to God!!!! Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

We've had some brisk, cold winds this week too. That's a pretty photo of the ducks. Hope you have a great day today.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a busy day in Hendersonville. We went to Hendersonville today also--but we went to the one in TN. We found George's parents in good spirits considering the fact that Dad is 97 and Mom is almost 90... Amazing little people!!!!

We've got that storm watch also for Fri/Sat here... I hope it is snow and not ICE. We are going to get groceries tonight ---so we won't have to go anywhere during the storm..

Have a great evening and batten down the hatches!!!!!