Sunday, January 3, 2010


G-son slept well last night and was up at 9 this morning wanting pancakes. Hubbie went to teach daughters Sunday School class of 4 & 5 year olds. G-son and I went later,we had nursery duty today along with another couple,we had 5 boys,wow, and they all wanted to play with the same toy!! G-son was very well behaved as he was the oldest one there today.
After church the 3 of us had lunch and then went to Sam's Club for a few things.Man it is cold outside,it is a balmy 24 degrees at 3:00,I see on some blogs I follow they have -24 degrees,how do they do it! We spent the afternoon inside where we have 2 woodstoves going.I put out extra seed yesterday and I have been watching an assorted bunch at and around the feeders today. This is a rare site for me, these 3 quail have been here before,hubbie saw them,today is the first time for me, I was being so careful not to spook them I really didn't get a close look,but I think their is 2 females and 1 male.I'm glad to have them cleaning up the seed on the ground.
Quails used to be quite common in these parts but hunters,foxes and coyotes have almost wiped them out,so I'm very glad to have these three at my table!!
These 4 are getting in on the ground feeding also,male and female cardinal,morning dove and eastern Towhee make up this team.And if you are wondering how and why all this seed is on the ground,I think this guy has a lot to do with that.I'm going to have to move this feeder or move the lawn chair near it as these little acrobats jump from the arm of the chair up to the feeder and they only want the sunflower seed,so they dig all the small seed out.Now this little guy is behaving and eating from the ground.I think squirrels have the cutest little faces with their big brown eyes. I have to carefully place my bird feeders so these guys can't chew or waste the seed.I have squirrel feeders out there also but they tend to be a bit hoggish if they find a way to climb into the bird's feeders.
In this feeder I caught a Carolina Wren, Tufted Titmouse and a male cardinal.
I love watching these little critters and today with all this cold weather they sure were hungry. It gives me a nice feeling to see all of them flocking to the feeders,knowing that this free food will help them survive this cold winter. On days like today when it is so cold outside,it is nice just to sit in the warm house and see what kind of pictures I can make and how many different types of birds I can identify. Each time I saw one of the birds sitting in the trees,they were all puffed up against the cold wind that kept blowing all day.This female cardinal seemed to be frozen,or maybe she had gotten warm in the sunshine and just hated to move!
We cooked a big pot of spaghetti tonight so when #1 son and d-in-love got back from the ballgame and #2 son came up we all enjoyed a good hot meal. Talked to daughter,she made it back to her dog sitting job. After everyone left hubbie and I watched a b-ball game between Duke and Clemson on TV,I don't really like either of these teams but we thought this would be a good game,but it wasn't Duke ran away with it.
I dread tomorrow morning,I really have to get out and deliver Avon books and it is going to be sooooo cccccold ,oh well it is winter time!!!!!
Thoughts of a wonderful,loving Lord will keep me warm as I sleep tonight. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day and your bird photos are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with me about your home made apple butter. I'm happy that this is a new recipe to you and I sure hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Have you ever made any other kind of butter like peach or pumpkin??