Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After breakfast and exercise tape ( I did a different tape today) to work some different muscles I decided to check out a new grocery store in town. It's on my way to pick up g-son from pre-school so I left early to check it out.It opened last week,I went through the whole store.I was impressed with the fresh produce prices and bought several things,they had some sale items that were good deals but over all their prices are in line with Ingles. For me it will be worth coming here for the fresh fruits and veggies,as we eat a lot of these. This store is supposed to be a bargain type Ingles grocery. I finished my shopping a little early and was looking to kill some time before picking up g-son so I stopped in Oakdale Cemetery,which is famous for having Thomas Wolfe's "Look Homeward Angel" in it. Thomas's father was a stone carver and ran a headstone business,he carved and sold this angel to the Johnson family to mark their mother's grave.The angel who faces east is said to be the inspiration for the book Thomas wrote and it has since became a local tourist atraction because of the popularity of his book.The angel has a stone carved lily in her left hand as her right hand reaches skyward. There has been in the last year or so a flurry of opposition to a road widening project that would have required the moving of several graves in this cemetery and as I looked around I surely now know why. The many unique headstones dating from the early 1800's are something to behold. Just in the area of the Angel I noticed these, what caught my attention to the 1 on the left was the inscription that gave place of birth and death and age in years,months and days! I didn't have much time today as it was time to go pick up g-son but I will definetly go back to check out this set of markers on the right. Also as I was driving out I spotted a headstone that looked exactly like the trunk of a tree. Many of you may think this is a bit morbid but to me these old cemeteries are full of history and interesting information of our past. This particular cemetery has a lot of slave graves in it. I know when I found the old cemetery where my grandmother was buried I learned a lot about my ancestors and how they lived life through the inscriptions on their headstones. I do remember what struck me the most from looking around in that cemetery was the number of young children that were buried there. I thought this tree looked to be a perfect fit here.I don't know what it looks like in other seasons,but in it's winter nakedness it was the perfect accent,I could just picture the eerie shadows it must cast in the moonlight.
Off to pick up g-son,he looked tired when he came to the van,must have had a busy day. We had lunch and I couldn't wait to post these pictures,so while he's watching TV here we go. Didn't take g-son long to get ready for a nap and I went to work cleaning my office. Wow,I didn't know there was this much stuff in here. I made a pretty good start on the mess anyway. When hubbie came home he helped me distribute the piles into other areas and put them away. I'm making a run to Goodwill tomorrow.
#1 son came after g-son, daughter,hubbie and I had some delicious grilled sliced pork rib roast tonight,that I bought today at the new Sav-Mor.
I did paperwork and payed bills tonight,made a baking list for Saturday and a list of supplies to pick up tomorrow. Watched a b-ball game on TV and now listening to the news.
Got a little rain this afternoon,but temps were really warm,63 , tonight at 11:30 it is 45 degrees. More rain is expected tonight and especially tomorrow. Maybe I can get all my errands done in the morning before the rain,I hate sloshing around in the rain.
Thanking God for this blessed day. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, We have had rain for 2 days---so it's coming your way I'll bet. Tonight we even had thunderstorms.

Your SaveMor store sounds like our Save-A-Lot. Their prices are good. We have a new grocery near us (Food City) --and it's a nice store. BUT--oh my, are the prices higher than Kroger's and Walmart...

Love the Angel. I enjoy checking out cemeteries.. The one you visited sounds interesting.