Friday, January 22, 2010


Up early to get started on a busy day. After morning chores and breakfast I went back to the Yoga tape, I'm still a little sore from the tape I did yesterday,but soreness feels good,at least I know I'm working those muscles. Wrapped daughter's cakes and breads as she called and got up late and didn't have time and her evening is full tonight. Picked g-son up from pre-school,felt sorry for an older lady holding up the car line as I don't believe she knew how to work the carseat she had and the teachers at the school can't put your child in your carseat,finally after about 10 minutes with cars backing into and down the highway,one of the teachers stood back and told her how to do it.
After lunch I baked and iced cakes while g-son played and then took a nap. I have several orders tomorrow,maybe it will be a good day. #1 son picked g-son up,we ate supper and headed to work at church. I watched a women's b-ball game on TV,then finished icing and wrapping my cakes.
Pretty routine day with no surprises today so here are some more of my memories. This wooden wagon was made by my uncle,one of my mother's sister's husbands,he worked a regular job but loved wood working,I also have a lamp base he made out of several different woods.
This wagon is a lamp, the pull chain to turn it off and on is attached to the wagon tongue. I have many special memories of this uncle,he was blessed with musical talent and could play anything with strings on it. Our 2 families were usually together every weekend and there was always music. He turned an old barn on his property into a gathering place for family,
neighbors and friends every Saturday night and he and his brothers and his 2 son's always kept things lively with their music. My cousins are both very musically blessed also and I get together with them as often as I can to listen to their music.
This old fireplace bellows I just recently bought,I was drawn to it by the beautiful painting on it. It makes a nice wall decoration and it works so I can use it to help start a fire,which I need all the help I can get in that area!!
Today has been a nice day,55 degrees and mostly sunny,I even sat outside for my 15 minutes of vitamin D this afternoon. Tonight at 11:45 it is 36. Rain is supposed to move in tomorrow,hope it holds off till I get home.
Ask Jesus-- He knows,then open your heart to receive the answer. Good Night and God Bless.


Mildred said...

What fun to get together for Sat. night music with family and friends. Sweet memories.
I love the wagon and the fireplace bellows.
I hope you have a successful day with very little or no rain. Blessings to you this weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your covered wagon lamp... How special to have something like that made by a family member.

My family was very musical also... It was always (just like you said) so much fun to have the family together doing their music... Loved it...

I have some fireplace bellows also--but mine aren't pretty like yours...

Have a great day.