Saturday, January 2, 2010


BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! 18 degrees this morning,now I know that isn't really that cold to a lot of people,but it is to me! As I get older I can see the reasoning of moving south for the winter,which I used to think was utterly ridiculous,after all who wants to be in Florida in the winter time!! Well now when the cold winds blow and my bones actually ache from the cold I can see the reasoning for the drive south.
Went to market today and was surprised at how many people actually came in there,evidently this cold doesn't make every bodies bones ache! Had 2 orders and sold a draft dodger,they sell good this time of the year.It was blowing snow around when I first got there but the sun came out brightly,however the high temperature for the day was 23. When I left and started home got a call from hubbie telling me not to come the regular way because of an accident. Later we learned that an 18 year old boy lost his life in it,and it was because of a drunk driver,how sad.
After we got things put away when I got home,early before 2:30,because I didn't make any stops on the way.I don't buy baking supplies until later in the week now since we are only open on Saturday,I wait to see what orders come in before I decide what to bake.
Have you ever put away something and then couldn't find it? Well when I do this it drives me crazy! This started yesterday when I had hubbie fix the broken wire hanger on an open feeder I have that I always put all my stale bread and other things in for the squirrels and birds. We cut the tree down it used to hang in so I had bought come long metal hangers that hooked on branches way up in the trees and had a small hook for feeders and hanging plants on the opposite end. I ordered these last summer actually for hanging plants but only used a couple,the rest were still in the package in my office. I remember cleaning up one day and deciding to move them! Where???? I have no idea!!!! I looked yesterday until I thought I knew where I had moved them,in my sewing shop. So this afternoon I bundled up determined again to find them,not in my shop,not in the greenhouse,not in the deck box or the shed.GGGRRRRRRRR!!!!! This is ridiculous,I'm swearing off housecleaning,just kidding,but this is so aggravating!!! Let's change the subject!!!!!On the brighter side my little white squirrel is back and enjoying the new perch for the corn that I put out for him,he was so busy he didn't even see me sneak out the back door to snap this photo. I was afraid with all the hammering and noise around for over a month he might move on but I'm glad he didn't,he's easy to recognize with the dark mark on his head.On the drive home today I couldn't help but snap this picture as I thought,wow! It has been 2 weeks since the snow storm and in some places like this one it looks like it could have been yesterday. This reminds me of when I was a child,when it snowed it stuck around for a long time. Anyone who has moved to this area less than 20 years ago has never seen weather like this in December or really any month. When you tell them how bad it used to get even when my kids were small they look at you as if they don't believe you. I think the season's are cycling back around as they often do and some folks are going to realize,this is not the sunny,warm south they thought it was. There is a reason that way back even in the pre-1950's that this was only a summer home place for wealthier folks who spent their winters farther south than this. There is a very good reason this area is known for it's 4 season's!!!
G-son came to spend the night since mom and dad are getting up early tomorrow to go to the Panther's last home game. He and pawpaw are already in the bed,he's watching cartoons and pawpaw's reading.It is 11:30 and 14 degrees outside,I feel sorry for all the animals out there in this weather but I know God will take care of his creations.
Praising God tonight for all the wonderful things He does and the gifts he gives if we only open our hearts and receive them! Good Night and God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

It's mighty cold here in GA early this morning. That squirrel photo is amazing! I've heard of white ones but have never seen such a great picture. I also love the snow scene. We have only had flurries here. Our neighbor drove home from his parents in Buffalo NY yesterday and hopefully he left their blizzard conditions up there!!! Have a blessed Sunday.