Thursday, January 14, 2010


Running errands early today,had an early Avon delivery to a lady that is headed south to warmer Florida,lucky her! After running errands and doing a little thrift shop shopping,not really looking for anything,just browsing I had lunch at Taco Bell,$2.25 ,wow,I'm a cheap date!! While I sat in the drive through at the bank today I was looking at our historic courthouse dome,steeple or what ever you call it,anyway is it just me or does modern technology have a way of taking the "breath taking" right out of nice views? I have always admired this dome and just in the last couple years they renovated it. But now somehow it's just not the same because of the modern tower of whatever that is to the right of the dome,I realize the need for internet and cell phones and all but somehow I wish we could figure a way to make the signal towers a lot less conspicuous. Maybe it's just me! SIGH!
Picked up a new Yoga tape at one of the thrift shops and tried it out,with my Arthritis,it's hard to find excercises that don't really hurt,but this tape was really good. I think I need to put this into my early morning routine.
It has been a beautiful day 54 and sunny,I set up a new compost bin out in the nice sunshine and then took a walk along the creek,the recent rains have really changed the course of it in the last months. I am wondering where all the sand came from that washed out during the last flood. If the weather people are right we will probably have another flood this weekend. The sky looked pretty angry this evening as the sun went down in a glorious show of vibrancy. We worked at church tonight and it is getting cold again ,suppose to be 17 degrees by morning,don't think it will get quite that cold,it is still 29 at midnight. If the ground doesn't thaw completely by the time the 2-3 inches of predicted rain gets here there will be a lot of water on top of the ground!!
Found out another sad victim of the economy, the picture on the left is of the Poplar Lodge, it has been in business since 1919 in an affluent part of the county,but the owner announced today that it was no longer profitable and he would not re-open the lodge in the spring. This is a beautiful old building and I sure hope they don't just tear it down.
We must remember that God is in control and there is a purpose for everything, just trust Him! Good Night and God Bless.

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