Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Housecleaning and laundry are on schedule today,right after I finish breakfast and my Yoga tape. I like this Yoga stuff,it's hard,feels like it's really working my muscles but there is no soreness and it is relaxing.
I actually hung my towels out on the line to dry today,first time since early last fall! I love soaking in this warm sunshine,60 degrees,sure feels good. I put in a full day of cleaning,was still at it when hubbie came home from work. I wanted to get the outside steps cleaned off today because it is supposed to start raining tomorrow again. One of my customers came by to pick up her Avon order and I took books to another friend,who said her beautician wanted books in her shop. I hardly recognized her house ,she didn't tell me the snow collapsed her double carport onto her car in December. We are so lucky we didn't have any damage,thank you Lord!
I am always sore and tired after I clean all my floors so tonight has been a lazy night. But it's hard to find anything worth watching on TV anymore,so I'm blogging and now listening to the news. Wow just checked the thermometer and at 10:15 it is still 41 degrees. Not to many 60 degree days in January,so better enjoy!!!
Even after 1 week they are still finding survivors in the earthquake rubble in Haiti,amazing.
All is very quite tonight and I am humbly grateful to God for all the joy and love He sends my way everyday. Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

We, too, have been blessed with spring like days. We've sat out in the swing in the warm sunshine soaking it up with our pets! As you say, rain is coming so I've been working on cleaning the porch and garage floors while it is dry. Wishing you a blessed day today.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We have had a couple of days of spring-like weather here too. I think it is a big tease--because I'll be there is alot more winter left for us. Today it is raining cats and dogs.