Saturday, January 16, 2010

These guys are probably discussing heading even farther south to spend this winter. I actually was surprised to see any Canadian Geese still around.We always have a few of these majestic birds gracing our farm pond in the fall,but they generally move on,maybe they got caught by the cold weather.
Today is a sad day,my cousin and high school basketball coach passed away last night after suffering a long time from Parkinson's Disease,he was a great coach and life inspiration for many young people. He coached for 43 years and won 702 ball games to lead NC. I always remember his tough coaching style,but we were tough kids and we loved to win. I remember once I think he had yelled at me so much that day it must have bothered him, as after practice he took me aside and told me "you know the reason I yell at you is I think you're capable of better,if I didn't I wouldn't have a sore throat right now!" I also remember when we were on the court playing we had our ears trained and if he called out something to us ,no matter how loud the crowd was we only heard him even if he wasn't yelling!! I have some wonderful memories of my high school basketball days and they make me smile everytime I think back.Thank you coach and I bet he has already formed something up there in Heaven into the shape of a ball and is forming a team as I write this. I played on the varsity team all 4 high school years,we weren't very good the first 2 years but when I was a junior and senior we took the championships.My junior year,I'm the one with the skinny legs first on the left kneeling,#31.
My senior year I still had the skinniest legs on the team,that's me 3rd from left with hand on the ball. I was a team captain in my senior year along with my best friend #34,these photos were in old local newspapers(sorry about the folds). They built a new high school and gave it a different name and sold my old high school,it is now the Western NC Justice Academy. I have a lot of wonderful memories of my high school years playing basketball thanks to a wonderful and faithful coach,who was always there for any of us. Here's to you coach may your heavenly mansion be all that you hoped it would,you'll be dearly missed.
As for my day,market was slow but okay. Father-in-law was sent to the hospital by ambulance from his assisted living home and hubbie spent the day at the hospital. He had one of his seizures and blacked out,not seeing this before they called 911. He has had these for years,he was on seizure medicine but quit taking it because it made him sleepy.
It has been a cloudy 50 degree day and now I hear it raining hard outside.We are under a flood watch. We shut the cattle on the upper pasture tonight just in case. I'm making 7-layer salad and chicken salad sandwiches to take with a cake to my cousin's house tomorrow after church.
Watching some of the amazing rescues in Haiti after 100 hours they are still finding people alive. Prayers are surely being answered!
God has a plan and all the events whether good or bad are part of his plan. There is a reason for all these disasters,maybe its to see how we react to help the ones affected by them!!!???
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Carolina Gal, What a neat post and tribute to the Coach... He did have a wonderful life, didn't he, and affected the lives of so many young people along the way. I am so sorry to hear of his passing.

Your 7-layer salad sounds nice. I'm sure your family will appreciate whatever your take. God Bless you and your family. AND God Bless the people in Haiti, including all of the rescue teams.