Monday, April 5, 2010


2 new visitors at the feeder this morning,well they may not be new,but are newly photographed. These are little Chirping Sparrows,I'm still amazed at how now there seems to always be 2 of every kind. Nice day starting out,g-son was here early but daughter is off for spring break so she took charge of him until it was time for her insurance appointment.
We walked around outside enjoying this summer like weather,I noticed my tulips have finally burst into bloom.
When daughter got back she brought supplies for g-son to have a delayed Easter. She had eggs to dye and plastic ones to fill with candy and surprises. I helped her set up and the smell of the vinegar and water dye sure brought back memories for me of when daughter and the boys were young and our every Easter ritual. We never missed an Easter,we always dyed,hid,hunted and ate eggs,no plastic eggs for us. We had our own hens and some of them were the ones that naturally layed blue eggs.
We took the dyeing activity outside since it was so nice and g-son could really get into it.
He got so excited when the eggs came out colored after they went in white. Boy aunt T sure is a special aunt!
While the real eggs boiled aunt T filled all 43 plastic eggs with candy and surprises so after the dying was finished ,it was egg hiding time. G-son sat with me and excitedly tried to not look as aunt T hid all the eggs. Our basket was overflowing so we gave him a bucket to hunt the eggs in so he wouldn't loose any he already found.There were eggs in trees,in the grass,in the flowers,everywhere!!Many times curiosity got the best of him and he had to stop and open the eggs to see what was inside! Then before he would continue, that egg had to be put back together, so the 'prises wouldn't get lost!!
And finally when he thought he had found them everyone,it was time to count and make sure no goodies where left behind. Then re-counted by g-son just to make sure!!
I believe g-son had more stickers on him than he put on the eggs. What a fun afternoon!! So much fun in fact that it deserves a long much deserved nap for both egg hider and hunter.
While they napped storm clouds rolled in but it didn't rain here,but by the sound of the distant thunder someone got a storm this afternoon.
After g-son left and hubbie got home we worked on expanding the patio out back.
I got a count of what I need to buy,so tomorrow after housecleaning it will be a trip back to Lowe's.
As I blog tonight I'm watching the championship game between Duke and Butler. It is one of the best games I have ever seen and came right down to the wire,with a Duke win.I'm not a fan of either,I just like to watch college basketball and this is the last game until next winter.
Thanking God for a wonderful day full of blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, That grandson really had a wonderful day, didn't he???? I remember all of the many, many years of dying Easter Eggs with my kids.... SO many memories!!!!! I can still smell that vinegar!!!! ha

Glad you saw the little Chipping Sparrows... They are so cute!!!!

Love your Decoy Daffodils ---which look like they are almost hidden... I'm posting my Tulips and other pretties in my yard tomorrow.


Mildred said...

I spent many Easters entertaining my nieces/nephews and your post brings back sweet memories. The weather is so nice, I know the three of you enjoyed the birds, the flowers and the hidden surprises. Hope you have a lovely day.