Saturday, April 3, 2010


Had a good market day today,saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen since last fall. It was nice to catch up with everyone.
Ran errands afterwards and came home to yardwork with hubbie. We mulched a steep bank below the sunroom ,it was dangerous to get a mower on. We hauled large rocks out of the field where #1 son had piled them and put them in the mulch to keep the dogs from scratching around in it.
On my walk this evening I spotted this huge,what my dad would call, washtub size turtle in our farm pond.Turtle soup anyone?????? This guy would make a large pot full I would think.
When I was growing up we had a neighbor who trapped turtles from our ponds to eat. I never tasted any but she told me they tasted like chicken,hmmmm, guess I'll just have to wonder !!!!
Nice warm day about 74 degrees and mostly cloudy all day which made it nice.
Tomorrow morning will be a very nice sunrise service morning. This is last years sunrise service atop Chimney Rock.SON!!!!! RISE!!!!

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Gosh----I'm so envious. I would love to be on Chimney Rock to see the sunrise in the morning, Marilyn.... Think I could make it???????

I've never had turtle soup--but I have heard that it is good. That is one HUGE turtle in your pond...

Glad you had a good day at the market--and in your yard.

Have a blessed day tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you on Chimney Rock in the morning. OH MY GOODNESS.