Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yuck,this pollen is litterly making me nauseous,as I woke up with just a yucky feeling this morning. After some crackers and hot tea I finally got going and was only 5 minutes late to market.
If I had of known how slow market would have been,I could have stayed home. I did get 16 boo boo bunnies made along with tagging 24 quilt angels and getting all of it displayed so the day wasn't a total loss and I did sell a few things,hopefully Saturday will be better.
I ran errands on my way home as I watched this big dark cloud out my way. Sure enough as I got closer to home it was raining. I thought how funny it was to be so glad to see the rain after hating to see it come only a month or so ago. But lately we do need rain as this unseasonal warm weather sure dries things out quickly. We got a pretty good shower today,I need to get a rain gauge back up.
After I got unloaded I crashed on the couch for a rest as I still don't feel great and I keep chilling as if I have a fever.
Speaking of changing weather this is a picture of an apple tree in February during the ice storm we had.And this is a picture of the apple trees now,they are blooming about a week ahead of schedule do to the extra warm weather.After watching Survivor on TV hubbie and I headed to church to work, as I vacuumed I started sweating like crazy and after I finished working and cooled down I feel better than I have all day.
I read that during this pollen season,which some say is the worst ever,that if you ate a couple crackers or a piece of toast before bed it would help the upset stomach,so I'm trying that tonight.
Thankful for being able to keep going today with the help of the Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Marilyn, with all of that ICE on the Apple Tree, I'm just glad those little limbs didn't break... It is blooming so pretty now. Those two pictures really do show the difference between winter and summer...

Hope you feel better tomorrow. Glad you got some rain. We haven't YET this week--and the pollen is BAD here too.