Monday, April 12, 2010


Missed blogging yesterday,but for a very good reason.
A gift from our children, we were taken to a concert in Greenville,SC featuring my 2 favorite country singers, Alan Jackson and Josh Turner, wow I couldn't believe they were on the same tour. The concert was held in the Bi-Lo Center in downtown. We were surprised at how little traffic there was getting there. Start time was 7:00,we left our house at 5:30,made a gas stop and arrived there at 6:30 with no problems. None of us had ever been to this center before so when ordering tickets,daughter didn't know what the seating arrangements were. Our seats were very high,which took me a while to get used to as I am afraid of heights,but by the time the music started I was okay.
I tried once to go up in the Currituck Lighthouse and after just a little ways up,I became very sick and felt like I was seasick,I started this feeling last night,but by sitting very still and not looking down it passed,thank you Lord!
There was another young singer who opened called Chris Young,
I thought he sounded pretty good. But I was there to see Josh and Alan. Josh Turner sang for about an hour,finally getting around to my favorite, "Long Black Train",he was younger than I thought.
Then the nights main attraction took the stage and I was very impressed with the show he put on. I enjoyed hearing him talk about writing certain songs and he sang little bits of many of his older songs. He sang and performed until after 11:00,wow, how can anybody's voice hold up to that!
There was one thing I hated and kicked myself all night for it. When I read the ticket info,it said no professional type cameras allowed, so I left my new Cannon at home and took my little point and shoot that I always carry in my rather large purse wrapped in a bubble wrap bag. As we entered I had to open my purse for a man to check it,all he did was glance inside and say okay. The point and shoot was in the bubble wrap and he didn't even ask what it was. So it would have been easy to have carried the other camera with the 300mm lens in and really gotten good close up pics. At least they had the huge screens with close-ups of their faces.Although there was a lot of people,there was also a lot of empty seats.Another sign of the economy I guess,I would venture a guess of less than 50% full even with these 2 big name stars.
We made it home a little after midnight and went straight to bed.

Today was another good day,starting with Avon deliveries in hubbie's car while he took a tire off my van that had a nail in it to be fixed. The first casualty of our "used gravel".
I came home at lunch and hubbie,g-son,who hubbie had picked up at pre-school,and I went to look at a bicycle that was advertised in the paper.
The folks who had it wound up being some customers of mine at market and we wound up buying a grill and a bedroom set for g-son from them in addition to the bike.
We had to wait for #1 son and d-in-love to get home and then we all went to pick them up in 2 trucks. I will put 1 of the twin beds here in his room and the other bed, night stand,dresser and mirror will go home to his room.
#1 son starts a new job tomorrow, his grading, septic business is not good enough for them to live on right now so a friend of his got him a job in a local plant. He has never done plant work before and never worked rotating shifts,but the rotating shifts will give him some time off to do some grading jobs to see if his business will pick up.
It's always nerve-racking to start a new job. I pray it works out for him.
We finally got things settled down around 9 this evening. The furniture is still in the back of the truck waiting until tomorrow. We got the grill set up and gave #2 son our old grill.
Days filled with activity are becoming the new normal around here. I love it!!!!!
God blesses us endlessly everyday and all he expects from us is love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow--you have had a couple of great days, Marilyn... I'm so envious that you got to see Josh and Alan. I love them both... Josh Turner's DEEP voice is just fabulous. I love his new one entitled "Why Don't We just Dance"....

George and I went to Knoxville a couple of years ago and heard Rodney Atkins and Brad Paisley... That was fabulous also. Brad is our fav!!!

Sounds like you got some great furniture and a grill. Good Luck to your son in his new job. It's never easy to start something new.

Have a great Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed the concert. I love to hear Alan Jackson sing some of my favorite old hymns.
I wish your son much success in his new job.

Claudia said...

I love that you all went together as a family, how sweet! Of course I had no idea who Alan Jackson was --- that's what you get when you don't grow up in this country and country music is something unheard of where I come from :) ---

Can't wait to see pictures of the new bed.

So Happy to hear about #1 son's new job, I pray it goes well too.

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