Thursday, April 1, 2010



First Thursday market day,I spent mostly cleaning my booth to get ready for the busy season. There were a few customers but this was a typical 1st Thursday even if it was the Thursday before Easter. However I have a fun group of neighbors and we laughed and had a good time as we cleaned.
I had a gazillion errands to run after market,got all of them done except didn't take my printer to see if I could get it fixed,I'm waiting for a man who works with daughter who is giving one away,if it works I'll just get it and toss my old one.
I did get an unbelievable eye opener about my auto insurance. I have had Allstate insurance since I began driving and so has hubbie. Lately daughter has been having trouble with her policy,it keeps going up for no reason,right now she is trying to work with people in town and in 2 other towns to figure out what is going on. So when I got my 6 month bill yesterday and saw that it to had went up significantly I decided to check with Farm Bureau where we have our house,farm and life insurance with. For almost 1/2 the price I can get significantly more coverage with FB,when he quoted me the amount I made him check it again,I couldn't believe there could be that much difference.
We're definitely changing and daughter is going to see him tomorrow.
When I got home after 5, the smell of mowed grass welcomed me as hubbie was mowing.Unbelievable that less than 30 days ago we had a lot of snow on the ground.
Daughter helped me unload the van,then I went outside to enjoy what was left of this nice day,refilled all the bird feeders and enjoyed this 80 degree temperature and the bright colors that are blooming in my yard.
I have my fingers and toes crossed that we won't have a late really cold spell because everything is sure beginning to think and act like winter is over.
We watched Survivor on TV then headed to work at church.
Back home it is going to be a welcome hot bath to get ready for bed tonight.
Hope everyone enjoyed this Lord's Supper Day and remember the example Jesus set before His disciples by washing their feet,that we may all have a servant's heart.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you had a good day, Marilyn. Your pictures look alot like ones I will post tomorrow. We saw some gorgeous Spring colors in Hendersonville (TN)....ha

Strange about insurance... We have everything with State Farm and have for years and years. We get a nice discount when we have home owners and car insurance, etc. with them... Glad you changed!!!! There is competition out there.

Have a blessed Good Friday.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely, colorful photos Marilyn. Here in GA, we have never had frost after Apr. 17 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed too. Wonderful that you can save so much with the FB insurance! Hope it works out for your daughter also. I wish you and your family a blessed Easter.

Claudia said...

I think insurance is such a game. we've had Farm Bureau all our lives and checked with AllState, they gave us such a better deal we changed our auto policy. Funny isn't it.
Loving this spring weather.

NCmountainwoman said...

I saw a moving spot on television about a group that washed the feet of the homeless. They gave all of them pedicures, new socks, and new shoes. Then the volunteers and homeless sat down together for a meal.

Have a blessed Easter.