Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Went outside to do morning chores and there was a wonderful smell in the air,it took me a minute to figure out what it was. My Lilac bush seemed to have burst into bloom overnight.
It makes the entire yard smell so sweet.
I also noticed how quickly this azalea has burst into full bloom,it is the only one out of all my many azaleas that is now in bloom,the rest have buds that are ready to pop anytime.I have a lot of native grown azaleas,they do so much better than the ones you buy at Lowe's or other stores. You can see by the window how big this one is and some are even larger.
Right after we built our house we bought this one and 5 others from a man on the other side of town that had propagated them on his farm.The whole upper side of our house is now covered with these plants.In later years the local community college propagated azaleas and sold them and I have many of theirs that have also done very well.
These pots are filled with the plants I bought yesterday for them, I had to have some daisies since that is April's flower so I thought these were different and very pretty.
This morning I had to make an Avon stop near the concrete mold place,so I stopped by and bought a large pot and found some very interesting stepping stones,pics later.
I was lifting different pots to make sure they weren't too heavy and wound up with a very sore back.
I picked up g-son and we came home for lunch and got the van unloaded. I realized I had to have more of the stones so we went back to the concrete place to get a few more. He went to sleep on the way back and took a good long nap.
While he napped I took a cup of coffee and my camera outside and caught a few new guest at my feeders.This is the first sighting of the Indigo Bunting that visit every summer.I wish I could have gotten a picture of him in the sunlight,he is absolutely beautiful.It is hard to imagine a bird this color.
This little White Breasted Nuthatch has visited before but I've never been camera ready when he came until today. He always flies into the top of the tree and walks head first down the trunk. This little guy is a regular visitor but is sporting a bright new look. The Goldfinches seem to be golder this year,maybe it's because the weather warmed so fast.
When hubbie got home we ate an early supper of homemade soup and then worked in the yard until dark,we are getting close to getting the back yard done,yea!!!
Daughter baked while I paid bills and did weekly paperwork then I iced my caramel cakes.
Another major earthquake yesterday,this time in China, almost 600 dead and more buried.
I am very thankful today that my God loves me and holds my future!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Spring has definitely come to your yard and area, Marilyn.... I love Azaleas. We have some in the backyard and some in the front. Usually the ones in the front yard are prettier and fuller... Don't know why--but the ones in front are more in the shade I guess....???? (Or maybe they are two different kinds..???)

Put some peanuts in your feeder for the Nuthatches. They love them!!!! They'll take one at a time and go back and forth for long time. They are fun to watch.

I haven't seen an Indigo Bunting here... Pretty bird.

Have a wonderful day.