Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Took Dolly to the groomer this morning. She hates these days,I have been grooming her all winter just to keep her from getting so upset,but she needs to have a professional job periodically.When she looks up at me shivering with those big ole eyes,it's all I can do to leave her.
When I got back #1 son brought g-son over and left him,he does not feel good today and has a really bad cough.
I did laundry and some housecleaning around him while he layed in the recliner watching cartoons. Other grandma is out of town today so that's why he's here on Tuesday.
D-in-love came after him early and they went home to rest.
I moved my fish aquarium since all my fish died and I'm starting over,I was going to get some new fish today at a pet shop in town. When I got there, algae was growing in all the tanks and the Beta fish bowls had nasty looking skims on the water so I didn't buy any fish there.
I stopped by Ace Hardware and picked up a rain gauge,then picked up a beautiful Dolly. As much as she hates going I think she knows she looks nice when she comes homes as she prances around. I'll admit she sure doesn't look like this when I groom her!
I did some more sewing tonight,I finished 3 more baby bonnets and 2 medium bonnets and then baked cakes.
Today has been dreary,but with little rain, the dust is just barely sprinkled on here and now the cars are spotted and all the dust shows up on them.
The temperature has been a cool 60 degrees with plenty dark clouds.
Violets , you know those pretty little purple flowers that you step on when you take a walk through the woods or pasture. They are an interesting ,fragrant ,edible herb! No surprise they are members of the pansy family,look at that face! Have you ever smelled a violet,they are very fragrant. The leaves are so tasty they are eaten alone and in green salads.
You can steep leaves and flowers in water until it becomes fragrant,pour into ice cube trays ,freeze and use for fragrant ice cubes that give tea a wonderful new flavor.
They also have medicinal value,they have expectorant qualities and have an asprin-like substance in them.
One man claimed eating violet leaves cured his colon cancer, but he ate a 1600 sq.ft. bed of the leaves,wow, thats a lot of leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And of course there is magic in them thar flowers!!!!!
A strong love potion can be made by mixing violet flowers and lavender.
Carrying violet flowers will bring good luck.
A dream about violets means your life is about to change for the better!
Never ceases to amaze me what you can do with a plant that most of us think of as a weed. I always wonder how all these uses were discovered and how many people died of poisoning when things didn't go as they should.
God provides for our every need,we just don't recognize it everytime.
Good Night and God Bless. May you dream of violets tonight!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Hope the little grandson feels better. Dolly looks gorgeous!!!!! What a cutie!

We had some rain today --and needed it badly (just to get some of that yellow pollen --from our oaks , cleaned up a little)... Gads!!! I love spring---but the pollen can be horrible...

Someone else wrote about violets today--saying almost what you said... That's neat, but don't think I'll eat as much as that man did!!!! ha

Have a great Wed.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Miss Dolly looks beautiful!
Very interesting things about violets... who knew? I do know they are very pretty and are a sure sign of spring- I'm glad to see them!