Friday, April 23, 2010


This morning was beautiful,sunny and warm with a clear sky so far.

The rain so far according to the weatherman has slowed a bit but is still on it's way,I hope so. This is my most favorite azalea,it is planted at the corner of the front porch and as you can see has grown almost to the roof. When it is in full bloom it looks like a giant purple cloud. The blooms are the bigger ones with a blush on the inside,very pretty.

There is a small white azalea growing right beside it,with the same type of bloom.I'm trying to pet this one a little and get it to begin to do as good as the purple one. My tractor tire bed of spearmint made it through the cold winter and is really showing itself this spring,and smells absolutely yummy! Speaking of yummy I baked cakes all morning and finished just in time for lunch.

After a BLT for lunch I spent the entire afternoon outside planting the herbs I bought last week and planting my new blackberry bed. I ordered 12 Triple Crown plants from a nursery in Georgia and finally got them Wednesday. I wanted to get them in the ground before the rain. I tasted these berries last summer from a friend and they were so sweet and good. The ones I have now are nice big berries,but are sour to taste,they make nice blackberry jam and bread though. These new ones won't bare this year, but should next season if all goes well.
This is a pic of the new dog lot roof that hubbie designed and we put up yesterday. It looks so much better than the tarp that covered them all fall and winter. Sadie and Annie have a house of their own inside the lot.They are always put up at night and they seem not to mind at all. At least I know where my dogs are when things go bump in the night!!
Hubbie and I went over to the elementary school where daughter works for a fundraiser hotdog supper tonight.The PTO got all the food donated and got all kinds of things donated to fill gift baskets that they sold tickets on for $1. I like this way of raising money,it is much better than selling all that overpriced crap my kids used to have to sell when they were in school.The food was good and we saw a lot of neighbors there.
After we ate we went to finish cleaning church,hubbie doesn't feel well,he thinks he probably has what g-son had,maybe his will be all better in the morning!!!
Back at home I iced cakes early and did 2 dishwasher loads so we can unhook the old dishwasher and have it ready for pick-up when they bring the new one tomorrow.
Well watching the news tonight I was reminded that the President is in the next town. I guess this is a historic event,but to stand out in this heat all day with your babies hoping to just get a glimpse of the man, no, you won't find me there,you wouldn't find me there even if it was a president I liked!
Here is some pics I got off the local TV website,this is as close as I need to be,uhumm!!The Mrs. does not look happy to be here!!!!Sure glad I wasn't on the interstate trying to get past Asheville today,they closed it down for the motorcade.My favorite picture!
I have a dishwasher sitting out in my back yard tonight,does that mean I'm a redneck??!!
I'm so glad that God is in charge!!!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My...... Just think of all of OUR tax money is spent when he and his wife fly all over the country like that..... GADS----glad I wasn't in Asheville that day... ha ha