Thursday, April 29, 2010


Market was slow again today, I made 2 towel angels and crocheted tops on 3 towels while I waited for customers. But I noticed we aren't the only business that is slow. There just isn't many people out shopping anywhere. As I ran errands after market, I didn't have to stand in line anywhere,most check-out clerks were waiting to check you out instead of you waiting to get checked out.
I made some Avon deliveries and also stopped at Staples to check out lap top computers they have on sale. Met a very informative,nice clerk who answered all my questions.Now I just have to decide which one I want.
Spotted my first Hummingbird in the azalea blooms today,I'll have to put out the feeders tomorrow. I couldn't get a picture before it moved on but I did catch these new visitors.This Grackle was one of several that I spotted ground feeding.Those irredescent feathers are sure pretty when the sun hits them but there's something sort of erie about their yellow eyes. I noticed that they are one of the few birds that stood up to the big Blue Jay when he came swooping in.The Grackles are large birds and this one actually jumped at the Jay before deciding to just ignore him.These large Crows have been sneaking in from time to time but have been hard to photograph because they are very jumpy and are gone at the slightest movement. This one seems to be checking me out before deciding to take off. When I was younger I always hunted for crow's nest ,I had the idea that if I could find a baby crow I could raise it as a pet. Nature had a way of keeping that from happening.

When Hubbie and I came back from working at church tonight I couldn't help but notice the moon. It was in a different place and looked so close and clear.Very thankful tonight for the love of my Lord and this beautiful earth He made for us.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, The economy is still bad, isn't it??? People still aren't spending money ---even if they have money to spend. The Govt. is trying to tell us that things are better. NOT!!!!

Glad you saw a hummingbird. I haven't seen one here yet. I have one feeder out ---and have for 2-3 weeks. I'll put out more WHEN I see some....

We have some huge Crows around here --but they won't come near to the feeders. They will come to the backyard --when nobody is around. But--they are very shy.

We seem to have more bluejays now than usual. They seem to scare the little birds (like the Finches) away.

Have a great week.