Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow!,got woke up several times last night by pouring rain pounding on the roof and the gulleys in the driveway are signs of how hard it rained. My new rain gauge only goes to 2" and it was running over this morning. I'll have to get a gauge that has more space than that one.
Had a very nice church service today,still working through the book of Romans.
Had salad,beef stew and corn bread for lunch,everyone made it today. After we ate the kids all helped set up #1 son's pop-up camper to make photos so they can list it for sale. They need a bigger one with air conditioning.

We have some new members of our pet menagerie (can fish really be pets?) anyway they do come swimming toward me when it is feeding time as though they recognize me.These are the fantail trio ,Calli the calico fantail, Goldie the gold fantail, and Blackie the Black Moor,original names,huh!! These 3 are very active as if they are so thankful to be in their own tank.This is Blueboy the Beta,I rescued (bought) him from a tiny cup with a plastic snap on lid that had 1 small slit in it. He is so pretty with his large tail that waves when he swims.This is Splash, he sometimes will hit the top of the water almost like he is trying to jump right out of his bowl. But his bowl has a lid on it so he will be safe whether he likes it or not.

Hubbie,bro and sis in law and I cleaned up the old house this afternoon. We got started about 3:00 and finished about 7:00 tonight. 4 people,4 hours, but it sure looks different than when we started. I brought curtains home to wash and a list of small things to buy tomorrow to pretty much finish the job.
Daughter worked on cleaning the place where she is going to put her large raised bed today while we were gone. The herb festival she always goes to is on Saturday,they have really good healthy plants.
I washed and dried the curtains and am getting ready for an early bedtime tonight. The last 2 nights have not been good for sleeping,maybe tonight will be!After all that rain yesterday the French Broad River was very high and muddy today.
Our creek wound up about 2 feet below flooding,whew! we were glad because we didn't put the cattle up in the upper pasture last night.
Thanking God for all His mercies and understanding tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Nezzy said...

We had heavy rains and tornadic storms over the weekend. It did give our newly planted corn fields a long tall drink they badly needed.

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi, Congrats on getting some new fish... My oldest son and wife used to have a HUGE tank --with all kinds of neat fish. Their son (Chris) was little at the time and he would watch the fish for hours at a time.... ha

We got rain here--but luckily no severe weather... Looks like you all got more rain than we did. It's supposed to go down to 36 tonight here. Yuk!