Friday, April 2, 2010


A significant day in the life of all Christians,the day our Savior gave his life,the ultimate show of love,for our sins,we will be forever grateful and will hold His love forever in our hearts.

Continuing the blooming pics from yesterday,here is a plum tree in our yard,that we have never gotten any fruit off of because it gets froze out every year,how about this year????
The bank on our driveway is covered with periwinkle that we planted there years ago to keep it from washing,it really looks pretty this time of year with a sea of these blue blooms.
Something else I have noticed lately, some of the birds that visited my feeders this winter seemed to be only one of their kind,now every one of these loners has a partner,such as this Brown Thrasher, I only saw 1 all winter,now there are 2. When I first saw them they were jumping up and down at each other out in the grass,but by the time I ran and got the camera they were playing hide and seek in this flower bed. I think love is in the air!!!
As for my day,I baked cakes all morning,I got more orders this morning.
G-son came late morning and we had a mini Easter party,with Sponge Bob eggs filled with stickers and candy,he was a happy boy.
He always pays a visit to his great grandparents house in Tennessee for Easter weekend, he and his mom will be leaving later today. I don't envy them traveling on the detour around I-40 because of the rock slide takes much longer and tonight I'm sure there will be lots of traffic jams. God watch over them!
We played outside,went with Pawpaw to pick up some railroad ties,and layed in the sun with Aunt T for a short while,man is it hot,feels like June not April!
The temperature got up to a summery 84 today,too warm for this time of year I'm afraid.
Hubbie and I finished work at church tonight and I came home and iced my cakes while daughter baked some. We tried to hook up the printer/scanner she brought me, but even with the disc it isn't working. We quit for the night before we break something!!! Some times I wish there wasn't a window right beside this computer!!!!!!!!!!
Sat out in the sunroom tonight and relaxed for a while,it was so nice,like being outside without the bugs!
Good Friday a very sad,very wonderful day!! Thank you Jesus!!
Good Night and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos this evening. Your grandson is all smiles - so very sweet!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

We made it... Without getting into any traffic at all! Yay!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great photos, Marilyn.... I'm really late at catching up on comments!!!! Sorry! That grandson is a cutie.... They do all love stickers, don't they????

Where in TN??? That I-40 detour is such a mess... The day it happened, I was with my girlfriends in Maggie Valley. My hubby was on the way to get me ---and got caught up in all of the traffic. He had to go back to Gatlinburg and over 441 to get to me. It took him about 5 hours to get to me... Glad he wasn't IN the slide though!

Hope you have a fabulous Easter.