Saturday, April 10, 2010


Slow market day, we fixed a table of various sellers items for an advertising photo. It will give folks an idea what a wide variety of items we have. I crochet towel tops all day between customers and conversation with neighbors. I think I actually sold more Thursday than I did today.
Luckily the temperature didn't drop below freezing last night,it was 34 at our house this morning.It has been a nice normal temperature day at 63 with all sunshine.Tonight is suppose to back down in the 30's again,so my ghostly figures will return to the yard.

I went downtown to look for a footstool after market,didn't find anything but did come up with an idea! More later on that.
This is the old courthouse,now called the Historic Courthouse and houses a museum of county memorabilia.
The new courthouse is on the other side of town.
More signs of spring rebirth,as this mama grazes while her new foal poses for the camera.
Redbud trees are one of my favorite early bloomers,I love the way the branches get all covered with blossoms before any sign of green leaves. The leaves are heart shaped and turn yellow in the fall. Sometimes called the Judas tree because it dates back to Biblical Times.This one is on the side of my driveway,we have recently planted several more,can't wait till they all get this size.As I continued on my walk these Boxelder Maple trees caught my attention.They look like trees full of hula skirts
some are more colorful than others. These trees grow around our farm pond and on the creek bank. Several of them blew over during high winds,so they must not have a very deep root system. They sure are pretty this time of year.
Had a nice relaxing Saturday evening,sat out on the sunporch which felt good with the cool outside temps and then cuddled with my 4-legged kids.
Looking forward to praising the Lord with my church family tomorrow morning.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you escaped the freeze. Now--hopefully the worst of winter is over for all of us!!!!

Your pictures are great... I love seeing the market. Would love to see more pictures of it... And the other pictures are great too. I have never seen a Boxelder Maple I don't think---or at least have never noticed one. They are pretty---and quite different.

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday...