Monday, April 19, 2010


G-son arrived at 7 this morning,hubbie got up with him. I might as well have gotten up since he was intent on having me up as well. I didn't sleep well last night,my back hurt from lifting all those potted plants inside!
While hubbie took him to pre-school I got ready to run a couple errands in Asheville. That is not my favorite place to go but these were on the outskirts and I had put them off long enough. The first stop was none other than the Biltmore House,this is tulip blooming time and although I didn't go all the way inside,there were some pretty ones at the little store I went to. They have a wassail spice blend that I use in my green tea that is truly wonderful. If you are there you have to try some. I have been out of this for some time so I've had 2 cups this afternoon,soooo goood!!!!
I also went to a neat little store located in an old manufacturing plant that is called Amazing Savings,they have very good deals. I usually find baking supplies for a fraction of the cost,but didn't have any luck in that area today. I did get some other things that were truly a good deal and some things I probably should have passed on,like that box of cinnamon toast that I have almost eaten the entire box today!!! YUUMMMM!!! But not good for my weight loss effort!
I also stopped by a hardware store where we always get our garden plants and picked up 2 cherry tomato plants to put in hanging baskets,I may as well have 2 more pots to carry in and out!
I met hubbie and g-son at Sam's Club to pick up some things and feed g-son lunch,he loves their pizza slices.
He was asleep by the time we got home,poor thing he had an early morning.
While he slept hubbie mowed the lawn and I transplanted some houseplants and fixed my tomato hanging basket,carried all the plants back outside so they can get a drink from the rain we are supposed to get tomorrow.
It's the red's time to shine,these are 2 red azaleas above my house in full bloom.I love how the different colors are taking turns blooming this year,the next will be the light purple ones you can see in the right picture.I think azaleas are some of the prettiest flowering plants there are and I'm glad I have them all around my place.
Now there are 2, quails that is, once there were 3, hopefully the other hen found another mate and just moved away. I see 1 female who obliged me for a picture this evening, her mate was far too nervous to stand still long enough for a photoshoot.
These 2 are regular guest in the late evenings after the dogs are fed and put up for the night,they will dart in and out picking spilled seed up off the ground. I hope they start a family here on our farm,I love to hear the "bob white" call. Hubbie still has a hen left from the ones he raised from day old chicks and she loves to talk to these 2 when they come around.
I set up my sewing machine in my office tonight and started sewing some bonnets and aprons for a large order that needs to be delivered Thursday.My back would only allow me to sew for a short period of time. I got 1 baby bonnet finished and parts of 3 others done so all I need is the lace on the brims and putting them together.
Thankful tonight for safe travel this morning and the love of a bright beautiful little 3 year old.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

This must be a great time of year to visit Biltmore. I have some friends who were there recently and said it was fabulous.

Our Azaleas are beginning to bloom also. We have 7 bushes in our yard, also with several different colors. The ones in the front yard are usually the fullest and prettiest. I'm sure I will show pictures soon.

Sounds like you had a busy but good day. That wassail spice blend sounds nice....

Have a great Tuesday.

Nezzy said...

I noticed this morning my azaleas have big old buds on 'em. Yours are just stunning! A couple of years ago I had a pair of Quail nest in my cottage garden. The cute little fuzz balls would dart out of the foliage and right back in. I'm surprised my cat left 'em alone.

God bless ya and have yourself a Terrific Tuesday!!!