Saturday, April 17, 2010


Slow,slow market day,read the newspaper and then worked a crossword puzzle.Bought some herb plants from one of my neighbors,but decided to wait before planting them.I'll keep them in the sunroom in the pots they are in for a while longer yet. The temperature is suppose to get in the upper 30's tonight and lower tomorrow night. The wind is blowing tonight so I didn't cover anything up,it is still 57 degrees at 11:00.
I took a long walk this afternoon with all my 4-legged kids and then helped hubbie spread the remainder of the gravel we had.
My back patio and yard is slowly coming together!This is one of my potted petunias I bought a couple weeks ago.I love petunias ,they are so pretty, come in a variety of colors, and smell so good. Although I have noticed the purple ones have the stronger fragrance. Strange thing about petunias,they belong to the nightshade family,which consist of tomatoes,potatoes, and peppers, go figure!!!
I have this yellow one ,a dark purple and a purple/pink mixed wave petunia,like I said I love petunias!!
Heard a lot of sirens this afternoon and found out that one of the mountain tops near us is on fire. The terrain is so steep they are fighting it from the air and using bulldozers to carve fire lines to protect about 3 houses that are in the area.Someone burning brush started the fire,with the wind blowing like it has today,I can't imagine what anyone could think when they would start a fire on a day like today.God bless all the fireman that are risking their lives to fight this fire.
It has been a nice relaxing,quite evening,I needed it!
God is so good,I'm glad He's my friend!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We have a frost advisory tonight.... We brought all of our potted plants back into the garage. GADS--what's up with that???? It's been VERY cool here all day long---and breezy...

I have never had any luck with Petunias.. I bought them in hanging baskets one year ---and they all died.... Don't think they like me---so I just stick to Pansies.

Too bad about the mountain fire. It's usually always humans who cause so much damage. Stupid....

Hope you have a good day tomorrow.