Friday, April 30, 2010


As I swept the steps and porch at church this evening,they were covered with these.Maple Seed Helicopters, as I looked at these ,I said a prayer,thanking our creator for is ingenious ,magical,creations.
These helicopters are perfect examples of His creative wisdom. If you have a maple tree in your yard you know how huge the shade is under the limbs. God knew if the seeds just dropped straight down,there wouldn't be enough sunshine to produce more trees.
Thus the helicopter design to carry the seeds far away from the parent tree. Click on the photo and take a close look at the ridged shaped wing, especially made for the utmost lift and distance. They cling to the tree until they are dry and brittle enough to spin in the breeze to a new location and then break apart exposing the seed to water and soil.
I'll never understand how anyone can look at things like this and not think we have a masterful Creator.
When I got up this morning I was looking forward to a relaxing day with g-son. With the ringing of the telephone that changed shortly after I had the few cakes I had on my list to bake in the ovens. First a 1 caramel cake order, then a 10 caramel cake order,oh my!
After I picked g-son up from pre-school we headed to Walmart to get supplies to make 12 caramel cakes.
I baked cakes right through lunchtime and into the early afternoon,so much for the relaxation.
G-son took a nap while I moved all my potted plants back outside,maybe this will be the last time for that. I wanted to plant some more of the herbs and plants I bought Monday but forgot to get more potting soil.
After D-in-love picked up g-son,hubbie and I headed to church, then it was home to ice caramel cakes and wrap and label all my cakes.

I was surprised today to see these Iris's blooming already. All my azaleas haven't even bloomed yet and maybe I've never noticed before but I think these are a little early. But I've noticed a lot of things seem to be a bit out of sync this spring.
Gorgeous day today upper 70's ,sunny with a light breeze,doesn't get any better! Wish I could have spent more time outside.
That's one of the downsides to my business,there is no set schedule,but then again that is one of the upsides.
I got the orders filled and it is only 11:30.
Maybe some rain moving back in tomorrow,we need it already again. As April comes to a close I fell a little short of my goals for this month,but did get my back yard put back together after our construction. Didn't get any Dr's appointments made as I usually do in April and didn't get anything done in the front yard. No vacation weeks in May this year means it should be easy to add these to May's list,which I will publish tomorrow.
Thankful to God tonight for all His wonderful creative designs and for letting me see proof of His glory.Also praying for all the wildlife and people on the gulf coast where all that oil is coming ashore,looks like only God is going to be able to help them.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Beautiful Iris... Love the color. We have Irises blooming and some of our Azaleas haven't bloomed yet either. Crazy spring....

Heard tonight that Arkansas has had tornadoes... They are headed this way. We leave in the morning for the beach. Hope we have a home to come back to on the 8th...

I also am so very very sad about all of the water birds and fish in the gulf. That spill is horrible --and they say it is just going to get worse and worse. Makes me so sad--and ANGRY.

George said that he called the maple seed helicopters --but I always called them airplanes. Oh Well. We don't have many maples in our yard--but we have TONS of oaks... Their pollen is EVERYWHERE.

Have a good day tomorrow...