Saturday, May 1, 2010


Had a pretty good market day for a change,even before the large 10 cake order got picked up.
Ran errands and came home to just chill out for a while,I don't feel well at all.
After a short nap and a tomato sandwich I feel some better.I think I'll make it!!!
It is raining tonight after a mostly cloudy and warm day.It is still 67 degrees at 11:30.
All I have heard on the news is bad news about the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now they are saying not only is it going to effect the gulf coast but if they don't get the spill of oil into the ocean stopped soon it will get caught up in the gulf stream and come around Florida and up the east coast.
On April 20 at about 10 pm the oil rig explosion was one of the worst in history,killing 11 crew members who have never been found.This had to be a nightmare for the people working here out in the middle of the ocean.
Luckily for the workers there was a supply ship there and many of them made it to the ship.
As they fought the fire the whole rig sank into the water. BP Oil sent robots underwater to shut the valves and stop the flow of oil,but their attempts have been unsuccessful so far and they have been working for days.
As you can see in the diagram on the right,there are 3 leaks that are spewing over 5,000 barrels of oil into the gulf waters daily.
As birds fly over the oil and a boat drives through it,I can't imagine how devastating this could be when it covers the coastline and all the wildlife get covered in this oil.
It is unbelievable that only a few weeks ago our president was pushing a bill to increase offshore oil drilling and BP execs were assuring us that something like this could never happen because of all the new technology. I think someone had no idea what they were talking about because now those same execs say they don't know what to do and why the valves won't shut off the oil. If this was their idea of an easy cleanup they were way off base,trying to contain miles of oil slick with 100's of feet of boom doesn't make sense.
Even the booms they put along the coastline had waves carrying oil breaking over them.
The heart breaking pictures of the birds and other wildlife won't be pretty. I remember the Exon Valdese oil spill in Alaska and the pictures of birds, I hate to think this has happened again. This guy is one of the lucky ones who will get cleaned up , my guess is for every lucky one there will be 100 unlucky if they don't get the oil stopped quickly.

The news that this may even spread to the North and South Carolina coast is very disturbing to me as I have visited all parts of these and there is so much fragile area in these coastlines the thought of it being covered with oil sickens me.

As April ended with this bad news that is leaking into May we can only pray that God take control and have His way with this situation. There are martyrs in all situations and these oil covered wild life just might be sacrificed to force men to see the evil of their ways. We can only pray!
Good Night and God Bless.

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