Saturday, May 22, 2010


This morning I debated for a while whether to send daughter on to the market and take Dolly back to the vet. When we got up she was staggering and looked totally out of it. I finally got her to drink a little water and gave her the antibiotics and she seemed to perk up a little so I decided she wasn't any worse. The vet said if she's the same just wait and let the medicine work.
I went to market with daughter and we had a very good day again today. The weather started out beautiful but we had to load the van in a rain shower. But as soon as I left town the sun was shining everywhere else. I made my supply stops and rushed home to check on Dolly.
Hubbie had been mowing grass all afternoon and said she was sleeping when he went out.
While we were unloading my van in she came, she had made it downstairs looked painfree for the first time since Wednesday. Thank you Jesus!!! It's good to see her feeling better.
When I got things put away she followed me into the kitchen and I gave her some of the special food from the vet's and she was hungry,yea!!! I can only give her a tablespoon every 3 hours but I cheated a little,shhh don't tell!! It is so good to see her eating and drinking on her own. Guess I won't be needing this..........Or this medicine dropper....And I'm not complaining about these useless purchases at all, I am just so thankful that I'll not be needing them.
She is still visibly sick and her bowel movement this evening was pure coagulated blood,but no sign of red in it is a good sign.
She has eaten a little more food tonight and is slowly getting strength back.
Hubbie and I went to finish work at church while the sun was shining this evening and when we got back I sat outside with all the 4-legged kids and relaxed.The other day I thought I saw a flash of something fly out of this house that I just recently hung above the feeders. It was a cheap purchase the last time I went to the Flea Market. I thought it was cute ,but didn't expect any takers,especially this year.This evening I happened to have my camera when that flash turned into a little Carolina Wren. She barely squeezes into the small hole.I wish there was a way I could see inside but it is to high and I wouldn't take a chance on disturbing her and her family.
What's Blooming now...This is one tough rose. This red climbing rose was originally planted in about 1975 at my first home when I moved out on my own. When hubbie and I got married and built our now home we moved this rose because it was so pretty and always had so many blooms.
It grew under some of the siding on our house and was severly cut back,I assumed it was a goner but it kept coming back and although still planted in the same place has never tried to grow on the side of the house again. Not as big as it was it still blooms and smells so sweet.
I am extra tired tonight I think the worry about Dolly must have been effecting me more than I realized. I'm looking forward to that nice soft bed tonight.
So thankful to God today for answering prayers and pouring out blessings even though I don't deserve any.
Good Night and God bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad Dolly is better. I hope she continues to improve. We always hurt when our pets (our babies) hurt.

The rose bush is pretty... It's done well to stay alive after all of these years.

What a cute little birdhouse...Glad the Wrens found it.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. It's going to be a scorcher here... Yuk!