Thursday, May 27, 2010


Market was boring again today,I crocheted tops on towels all morning. Hubbie came by and brought me some lunch. You sure wouldn't know there is a holiday weekend coming up from the traffic we had today.
I hate days like this, they make me tireder than working all day. I can't stand just sitting,doing nothing!!
I was so tired after running errands and unloading I took a nap. Which is something I never do because it messes up my nights sleep. Oh well!!
Hubbie and I went to work at church and the lights still aren't fixed so we will have to go earlier tomorrow evening to get the work finished in the daylight.
We came home early so I iced some more caramel cakes. The large order got bigger today, she called and increased it from 13 to 15 cakes.
Saturday is the Garden Jubilee on main street Hendersonville,so there will be a lot of people in town , should be a busy day if the rain holds off.
The oil spill in the gulf has now been deemed to be the worst spill in the history of this country. BP is still pumping mud into the well tonight trying to push the oil down so they can seal the hole with cement.
It has been found that this oil company, though making Billions in profits in recent years has had almost 300 safety infractions against the next highest companies 18, they also have not fixed any of these in recent years,they just choose to pay the fines. On this well they discovered they used a cheaper sealant than was approved. Unbelievable !!!!!
Praying for Heavenly intervention tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Farm Chick Paula said...

I know what you mean about doing nothing- I can't stand to have to just sit! I've done the afternoon nap sometimes too, and boy do I feel lousy after I wake up... I used to have to alot when I had migranes really bad, but not so much now. *Thank Goodness*

I get sick to my stomach every time the news comes on about the spill- I'm afraid we have no idea what long term problems we will all have after this!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you are much busier at work today, Marilyn.. I know how boring it can be just to SIT... Maybe with the big weekend, you all will be very busy!!!!

The oil spill is horrible. Makes me so mad to hear about the safety violations.. Also--the federal govt. failed to do the most recent check of that well... There's alot of blame to go around---but I just want it FIXED. Hope this mud thing works--but just think of the oil which is already in the gulf... GADS!!!

Have a great weekend. I'll be home SITTING ---taking care of this bum knee.