Sunday, May 16, 2010


There's something just plain scary about a really bad thunder and lightening storm in the dark of night. About midnight last night we got one of these scary storms. There is no sleeping during one of these! The lightening was so bright at one point I covered my head just so I wouldn't know when the next loud clap of thunder would be. The electricity went off for a few minutes but came back on thankfully. No power just adds to the anxiety of the situation!
D-in-love called,she was awake also,both my 4-legged kids were buried under the covers. Finally the storm passed without any lightening strikes around close to us thanks to the Lord.
However when we got to church this morning it was a different story there, lightening hit our church for the second time. We had no lights and no sound system,but we had a good worship time anyway. I think something in our electrical system is not grounded properly or something.
There wasn't a lot of rain with the storm,we only had about 1/2 inch in our rain gauge. But we are under flash flood warnings tonight.
Daughter was up in the wee hours before dawn today to run a race on the Biltmore Estate.She and 999 other runners had to be on the estate at 6:15 this morning.She said it was really foggy at the start of the run but the estate was so beautiful it was really worth running there just for the scenery. I love this photo with the outline of the Biltmore House in the fog as these runners go by.
She was very tired and slept until lunch was ready.
We had a fresh feast for lunch today corn on the cob, green beans, fried squash, fresh red potatoes,cube steak and a spring time favorite,our first of the year wilted lettuce,yum,
yum. Everyone was here but #1 son who was sleeping ,this is his night shift weekend. We sent a plate home for his supper.
The weather was threatening all afternoon but never really got bad thankfully. At one point the wind was blowing s0 hard it was scary but it passed without anything but a shower.
Today was the first good news from that huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They think they have a plug in the leak and are pumping the oil to a ship on the surface. To late for many birds ,dolphins,sea turtles and other sealife like these two.
But maybe they can save some including this large oil soaked Pelican. My heart goes out to these creatures, first they get covered with an unknown substance and breath it in to make their lungs hurt badly,then they are captured by humans who they normally fear and forced to take medicine and given a bath!! And these are the lucky ones!!!!
This is a map for Monday and Tuesday's forecast of the oil movement. I pray that what they are saying about stopping this oil flow is true and that it is stopped so no more damage can be caused.

After a lazy afternoon watching the weather we watched the last Survivor show on TV tonight. I'm glad it's over for a while.
G-son is making an early appearance in the morning.D-in-love has to be at work at 7 and #1 son doesn't get home until 7:15.
I feel like I should have done something this afternoon but have really enjoyed a day of doing nothing.
Thankful tonight for a strong faithful church family and thankful that the damage did not dampen the spirit of worshiping our dear Lord and Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, No--we didn't get any storms much at all. We've had a little rain the past couple of days but that is all.

the oil spill upsets me SO much. I feel sorry for all of the birds, the fishermen, etc. Now they are saying that it's heading toward south Florida. I also read that our wonderful govt. agency who was supposed to inspect that thing (and others) hasn't done it recently like it was supposed to. Makes me furious.

I've been in the doctor's office today--getting this left knee and leg checked out. They did an xray --so maybe that will tell us something. If not, they'll have to do an MRI I guess. It hurts like he_____.