Sunday, May 23, 2010


Church this morning was special, g-son along with 7 other little ones were dedicated to the Lord in a short ceremony. Today we made history. No one in church could ever remember this many young ones dedicated at the same time in the history of our church. I'm glad g-son was a part of it. He was the oldest but only by several months over another little girl, who also had a little brother being dedicated.
They each were given a little first Bible by our preacher and were anointed with oil. Everyone got a chuckle when G-son smiled real big and asked what'd you put on me?
It was a happy Sunday morning and we also had 3 people join our church to top it off. All the Glory be to God!!!
We had a great lunch and afternoon of family time on a glorious summer like day. G-son even got in the kiddie pool for the first time today.
We ended the day with a fire in the firepit roasting marshmallows.AAAAAhhhhhh!!!
Bernie got a haircut tonight and both Dolly and he got a bath. Dolly is almost back to normal but has to stay on this special diet and antibiotics for a few more days. She still lays around a lot more than usual.
Hubbie and daughter are watching the last "Lost" show that will be on TV. I've never been a fan of that show,it's to confusing. I guess a lot of people must have felt like me because they are canceling it.
Thanking God for a wonderful, God filled Sunday with my precious family.
Good Night and God Bless

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a fabulous Sunday, Marilyn... I know you are proud of that precious grandson.

Glad Dolly is doing well.