Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today has definitely been a workday for me. Started early with yoga,hopefully for energy!
After I made me cake deliveries I stopped by Lowes to pick a rose for the empty pot in the front yard. Found one that smells heavenly, and of course found 2 more plants I just had to have. On way home ran my van through the carwash, sometimes it gets embarassingly dirty!
After lunch I did that load of laundry left from yesterday and hung it on the line in another partly sunny,very warm day.
Then I planted my new plants and fertilized all my potted treasures!
Man is it getting warm,83 degrees and the humidity is going up,you can feel it!
Hot or not sewing must be done, so with fan going I went to work in my shop.3 hours later I had 7 jean aprons and 4 strawberry placemats to help the "catch-up the crafts" goal for May. But that is just the beginning.
I'm still not familiar with where I put everything after the big clean up and organization of my shop,but it is so much easier to work in there now!
I took a long walk this evening after supper,I have to get back into the habit of my daily walks, I feel so much better when I take them.
Took some photos to share later,it is too late tonight and I am tired.
I payed bills while daughter baked and then I iced all my cakes ,wrapped and labeled everything. It is midnight and I am headed to bath and bed.
God is so good all the time,shhhhh GOD just might be watching over us!!!!!!Can you see the face in the clouds????
Good Night and God Bless.

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Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Oh my, I do see his face. May I use this picture on my blog? I would love to share this picture, I will include your site as reference point. Thank God HE is watching us . . . I can not breathe without HIM.
Seeking HIM Always,