Friday, May 7, 2010


What a beautiful morning,I woke and just layed there listening to the sounds of birds twittering as they ate their breakfast from my feeders.
I did the outside chores and hated to come back inside,but there are cakes that need to be baked!
While the last ones were in the ovens I lifted my weights,I can definitely tell the difference in my arm strength after doing this for a couple months.
After lunch I re-filled the bird feeders and waited for hubbie to get off work early so we could get our church work done.
I had forgotten how hard it is to do the whole church at one time,whew!
When we got back home hubbie took a nap and I took the newspaper outside to read it sitting in the warm sunshine.
I took a walk and was glad today to have my telephoto lens on my camera with me.

As I walked around our farm pond I saw this huge bird up in a tree top. My best guess is it is a Green Heron. This is the first time I have seen one of these around the pond. He was so intent in staying in this particular tree,clumsily fluttering from limb to limb without ever flying away it makes me wonder if maybe there is a Mrs. and maybe a nest nearby?
Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Swallowtail are enjoying this nice day on the banks of the pond,notice how much lighter yellow Mrs. is, I also learned when looking them up that the Mrs. can also be black. Ever wonder why God chose to make male and female different colors??Mr. Redwing Blackbird is also taking in the cool breeze coming off the water of the pond.
After my walk I had a bowl of cereal for supper and started icing cakes.
I also stamped my Avon books with my name and number and the date to order by.This pic was taken about 5 miles down the road from our farm yesterday afternoon. A lone storm formed with hail and high winds. Thankfully it moved southeast away from our place, but it dropped a good amount of hail before it moved on. It will be interesting to here from people at market tomorrow that live in that area and how much damage they had.
Unfortunately for the people farther south the hailstones got larger,some even golf ball size.
Guess what's blooming now???????????? Ever heard of Blackberry Winter?????????????
Thankfully the blackberry winter predicted for this weekend is not going to be damaging. Sunday and Monday the high temperature is only going to be 63,(that's a 20 degree drop from today)with night temps about 40,if this forecast holds it won't be a bad blackberry winter.
Heading for an early bedtime for a change tonight.
Thanking God tonight for the wonderful colorful canvas of nature He has painted for our enjoyment.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sue Ellen said...

just dropping by enjoying your photos....beautiful! Thanks for sharing....