Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Had a routine morning on housework Tuesday. Ahhh, at last I can hang out laundry,first a pile of lumber ,then the weather, then a pile of gravel, more weather,but finally the area under the clothesline is clear and it is a beautiful spring day on a Tuesday!
Laundry hanging on the line gives me a nice nostalgic feeling.

I decided to give my floors a good cleaning today with a vinegar and water solution instead of the regular swiffer.

I took a break after lunch and went to vote. I always try to exercise that right at each election. One of my cousins is running for Appeals Court so I had extra incentive this time anyway.
I did 4 loads of laundry and have 1 more to do in the morning so I can hang sheets and bedspread on the line to dry.
I finished cleaning the floors and did the weed eating around the new patios and porches.
Speaking of which I am behind on posting pics of Aprils work,so here they are.This is the new larger patio and we've already enjoyed it in the warm sunshine.This is what I did with the cement stepping stones with the different designs on them.
The round ones have hummingbirds on them. I was impressed at how intricate the designs are,they had some painted ones on display where I got these and they were really pretty. Maybe one day I'll get some to paint.My front porch already had a flower bed in front of it but I have tried Iris,which there are a few left, and azaleas ,which there is one left,but nothing seems to do well here.
Probably due to the dogs jumping off the porch right into this bed everytime they leave the porch. I solved that problem with pots filled with perennials,that hopefully will come back from year to year.Dolly seems to be admiring my hard work! I love doge, they never criticize!!
Had a call from my cousin's daughter earlier today, wanting to know if I wanted another dog. She had rescued a nice dog out of the road in front of her house this morning. It was so dirty and matted she had taken it to the groomer already.
#2 son has been looking for a dog so she brought it over tonight for him to look at. I think it is a cocker spaniel / Poodle mix. It was a very nice dog but the groomer had given it a poodle haircut and son did not want it. If it hadn't have been a male, I would have another dog tonight. It had such a sweet disposition and was so well behaved and lovable. There was no way Bernie would tolerate another male dog in his space.
Hopefully Amanda will keep the dog, she acted like she sure liked him and I know she will give him a good home.
I baked 34 layers tonight ,that is more than normal,but I've had several orders for mother's day. I had to ice chocolate cakes tonight for a delivery in the morning.
Finishing up after midnight feels like old routine again.
Thanking God tonight for my health and ability that He provides me with everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, One thing I miss is the fact that we cannot hang clothes outside in our community.. It's a stupid rule--but it is a rule nevertheless... I love smelling fresh sheets right off of the line...

Your patio is gorgeous... Hope you all enjoy many relaxing times out there.

Sorry about the little dog. Hope it finds a great home.

The stepping stones are gorgeous... I love the designs.

We've had a wonderful day today at the beach... Beautiful weather after the rain yesterday (clear, sunny, breezy, warm---PERFECT)...


Together We Save said...

Those stepping stones are amazing!! I can't line dry outside so I do inside as much as I can... not quite the same fresh smell though.