Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Up early to be at the doc's office by 9:00,it's a 20 minute drive if you don't get behind some one who don't know how to drive a very curvy road. It's a very scenic drive so I always look forward to the drive back up the mountain. The drive takes you along the upper part of the Rocky Broad River. It runs along the road all the way down the mountain and then turns down and joins another part to head on into Lake Lure.But I don't go that far,only just a little past the turn is my doc's office.
I had to drink some tea on the way down,I just can't function without something in my stomach in the mornings.
I was declared healthy as a horse,pending any problems in my blood work,so I have to keep praying that is okay as well.
Since my blood pressure was 115/74 she thinks the red yeast rice and c-q-10 I've been taking have lowered my cholesterol as well so she said to go back taking glucosomine to help with the pain and stiffness in my knees and hips. She also said that it would slow down the progression of the arthritis which would be wonderful.
It is really a dreary day as the rain continues to drizzle and the fog and clouds hang low to hold the temps down in the 50's,downright cool! I wish it would go ahead and give us a good rain since it's so yucky anyway.
I made a couple of Avon stops on my way home and treated myself to a stop at a local resale shop,but didn't find anything except a lantern for g-son.
After lunch I started laundry and housework,my arm where they took blood is sore and it happens to be my right arm so things are going a bit slower than usual.
My veins are very hard to find and she has to used a blood pressure cuff to pump them up as well as a pressure ball in my hand. They always leave me with a sore arm and sometimes a big bruise. I have no bruise this time,just a little red spot. Good job Cindy!!
I finished cleaning about the time hubbie got in from work. Daughter came by to re-pack to change from one pet sitting job to the other.
I went through some more pictures for a while this evening and now I have one more place to go through and I can at least categorize things.
I found pictures of a young lady that is my half-sister,maybe, being that my dad was married 3 times,and my mom was his 3rd wife,she wouldn't or couldn't give much info on this subject.
I know Margaret used to send me gifts when I was young and I was told it was from my half-sister. But when I got older and ask about her my mom acted like she knew nothing on the subject and my dad would say it was a very painful memory for him because her mother died a slow painful death from cancer.
I hadn't thought about it much until I ran across these pictures. And unfortunately everyone that could shed light on this is now dead.However when my dad was in the hospital dying he went back to the time in his life during a previous marriage to a woman he called Bird. I remember one of my older cousins saying this woman was the true love of my dad's life.So was this Margaret's mom??
I know my dad lived for quite awhile in Oklahoma,
where his brother had a large ranch and was a prominent Judge, Pryor,Oklahoma is supposed to have been named after him.
Their ranch was across the river from Roy Roger's ranch and now all that property is under water from a large power dam that was built in later years. At least that's what I've been told.
After dad left there,he moved around quite a bit looking for work, I remember him saying he and another brother traveled looking for work during the Great Depression and what ever the job was for,(welder,electrician,etc) that's what they were and evidently they got away with it because he worked for years before he came back here to farm.
Finding any information without a last name will be almost impossible,I found another letter with a return name and address on it, it was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. and the Mrs was her sister so I'll try to look her up but there again,don't know which wife that was.
I'm guessing by the age of this young woman,she had to be in his first marriage. But why didn't she ever come around or why didn't he want to see her throughout the rest of his life?
Okay enough to wonder about for one day!!
I baked cakes tonight, I have a couple nice orders for this week anyway and a lady called and is sending me a check to mail her a caramel cake. She said she didn't care if it was in pieces when it got there.
I'm glad today is behind me, I always hate going to the doctor for anything,so I am very thankful I got the news I got this morning. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, I can breath now!!!!
Thanking God for my health and praying for the young girls family that was in the accident yesterday,as she passed away from her injuries today, God bless her family.I pray that they know You and turn to You for comfort in this tragic situation.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Many things will remain mysteries in our parents' lives.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Congrats on a good doctor's report. George and I got good results last month also. We both take Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10. I have not taken Gllucosomine ---but probably need it since I'm having tons of problems with my legs and especially my left knee. It's probably arthritis... Darn!

The Rocky Broad River is gorgeous ... Reminds me of the Little River in the Smokies.

My hubby was having trouble with his cholesterol--and the doctor put him on Metamucil about a year or two ago. His cholesterol has been FINE since... Crazy, huh???? She also took him off of Omega Fish Oil and put him on Niacin instead. I love doctors who work with vitamins instead of giving prescriptioned drugs.

Interesting about your half sister and that family... Seems like there must have been some problems since your Dad never talked about that time in his life.... Guess we all have family stuff which is unexplainable....

Have a great day, Marilyn.