Monday, May 24, 2010


Today looked like a stormy,rainy day from the start. As I left to deliver my very few Avon orders and hand out new books I was dreading the rain but was lucky it didn't rain while I was out. My Avon orders keep shrinking and shrinking. Avon is one thing I guess people can do without. I am getting discouraged because of all the returns I'm getting of defective merchandise. I've sold Avon for over 15 years and have never seen it like this. In these times quality means everything.
G-son arrived before 7 this morning and hubbie took him to pre-school and then went back and picked him up, Wednesday is his last day until school starts again in August.He is gonna miss going to school 3 days a week.
We ate lunch together and then went out to Sam's Club to change our cell phone service over to Verizon, we've always had US Cellular and have never had any problems,but now all the kids and extended family all have Verizon. So they wanted us to switch so we could all talk free on the same network.
Nothing is ever easy you know and this was no exception. Hubbie changed his phone number so people at work couldn't use his private phone for business calls. My number wouldn't port because his old number was still on the account. After I drove out to the US Cellular center hoping to straighten this out and waited 2 hours as they said, I still had no phone service. Finally after 2 phone calls they gave Verizon the number,boy I thought this was supposed to be so simple!!
This is the phone I chose ,it's called an LG/enV3 ,now I did research phones a bit ,but I'll admit it was like reading the Greek Alphabet!! The number 1 reason I choose this phone- it was free!! It does have all the features I would imagine I would ever use. I did get a limited internet plan at least for the first 30 days to see if I even remotely could imagine using my phone for the internet.Luckily without realizing it this is the same phone daughter has so she can help with any problems.
The vet called this morning to check on Dolly and said to make sure she was not still passing blood. Finally this afternoon I saw her having a bowel movement outside and there was only a very small amount of blood in it so that is okay,whew!! Glad that's over.
I got a head start on baking layers tonight because of a huge 13 cake order for a party this weekend. And since this is Memorial Day weekend I expect a few more orders. I baked 24 layers tonight.
This is a sad sight, a pelican covered with oil in the Louisiana Marsh land. There is so much oil gushing from that open well under water that it is covering the coast of the gulf states. This underwater leak is so much worse than anyone imagined it could be. British Petroleum is in real trouble now and hopefully our government is going to step in and hold them responsible for this mess. It is hard for me to believe in this modern time that no one can come up with a solution to stop this leaking oil well.
It never really rained a lot today just showered a couple times but stayed cloudy and cool.
Praying tonight for God's intervention in the Gulf to save some of His most beautiful creations.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Marilyn, We've got Verizon --and you have MY phone. Mine is just like that -other than mine is a little older. I even have that burgundy color... Do you text????? I enjoy it --with my kids... Let me know if you text--and we can text each other!!!!

Sorry about your Avon---but in this economy, I do think that is one thing that people will choose to give up. My son was in the professional photography business --and his company had to go bankrupt since people have given up having portraits made anymore much... Oh Well...

Have a good Wed.