Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Awoke to another drizzly, dreary day. I got woke up early this morning about 3 am by pouring rain.(still not used to the sounds of the new metal roof!!)
Lifted weights and started laundry and housework.
After lunch my cousin brought a bunch of old pictures and papers down here for me to scan. Some very interesting stuff and this is one of the oldest pictures she had.

This is my grandmother's mother and father, he was a preacher. Rev. William Job Wilkie and Margaret Reid Wilkie.
They had 2 daughters, My grandmother Martha Louise and her sister Mary Jane. Grandmother married my grandfather Richard and her sister married his brother William. Their children were double first cousins. Both women had sets of twins. I have twin uncles and Mary and William had twin girls.
Another old one is this picture of grandfather's mother. Her story is one for an entire post. But I will say she was a respected and admired midwife who delivered babies in at least 3 counties around here and never lost a baby or mother, and that is saying a lot for back in those times. She only had 2 boys, my grandfather Richard and his brother William. These boys both were born out of wedlock by different fathers and had her maiden name which was Pryor. She told the names of both the fathers but never married either of them.However she did marry 3 times but never had any more children. Like I said her's is an entire post story. What jumps out at me when I see all these old pictures is how solemnly stern ,almost sad the looks on all the faces are,especially the women. I guess no one used to ask for their subjects to say "cheese".
My cousin and I spent all afternoon going through this stuff and reminiscing. House work went by the wayside today. I got the bathrooms cleaned and finished the laundry so I called it good for this week.
Hubbie and I had fresh steamed broccoli and wilted lettuce and onions from our early garden for supper,yumm.
After supper I walked with the dogs and as I walked along the creek there was a family of mallards that swam upstream along side me.There was only mom and 4 adolescents who apparently can't fly yet.But they sure can swim as they were swimming against some pretty strong currents.I wondered where they were headed when they went on upstream out of my sight.
I must say I'm proud to live in Henderson County tonight as our commissioners voted tonight after letting the public speak on the subject to continue opening each meeting with a prayer. If we as Christians don't start standing up for our Lord Jesus Christ He is going to get pushed right out of everything.
I finished the day baking more layers and pound cakes.
And closing on a sad note tonight.. This is what the beautiful beaches of Mississippi look like now. BP is trying something else to stop the flow of oil in the ocean tomorrow, I sure hope it works.
Praying tonight that this next attempt to plug the well will work and thanking God for all His mercies and blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Isn't Genealogy interesting???? It's truly addictive... Glad you are finding out some stuff... Interesting about the 'double' cousins --and all of the twins...

Good for the commissioners in your county. As you said, we Christians had better stand up for Jesus Christ --and keep Christianity at the TOP of all lives--including our govt.

Let's pray that they do 'cap' that oil leek.. Scary!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoyed your old photos. Years ago people did not smile in photographs because they had to hold very still for the long exposure times which were some times over a minute! I also enjoyed the colorful story about the Grandmother..she sounds like a character! :)