Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today is National Day of Prayer,make sure you say prayers today for our country,your loved ones and yourself. Pray that 1 lone person will not have the authority to tell the whole country that this will be the last Nationally recognized day of Prayer we can have.
As I drove to market this morning at one point on a usually very busy section on highway near town I found myself all alone on this 4-lane highway. I don't travel this way most days because this road is so crowded. I picked up my Avon order and that is how I wound up on it today. I could not believe I was the lone vehicle going or coming at this time of morning! A sign of the downsliding economy for sure!
Slow day again at market,I bagged my Avon orders and visited with neighbors.
Ran my errands afterward and found some fresh half-runner beans and bi-color corn at the fruit stand along with another gallon of strawberries.
Unloaded the van and broke the beans for supper. My supper of fresh green beans and corn on the cob followed by fresh strawberries and whip cream was delicious.
On my walk today I noticed more and more blooms.This patch of Fleabane grows on a bank below the new well house. As the name suggest it is said to be an insect repellent. Starlings use it to line their nest to keep mites away and people used to mix it with bed straw to keep bedbugs at bay. But butterflies love it. The dainty little blooms are very attractive as they blow with the wind.
Carolina Buttercups are plentiful in our pastures. Hubbie has been bush hogging the last 2 evenings,largely because of these little buggers. They are nice to look at but they do tend to take over the pastures this time of year.
Below is what the pasture looked like in spots before the bush hogging began!

This Elaeagnus berry tree is in full bloom and I noticed there are several new ones around in the area of the larger one. More berries for the birds this fall.While I admired this huge Black Cherry tree full of blooms I spotted this Red Admiral butterfly enjoying the sweet nectar of the flowers.The wood from this tree is prized for furniture making and the berries can make jam or wine. In Appalachia the berries were added to wine to give it a special flavor and they called it cherry bounce.
We did not work at church tonight because the church has been open all day and will remain open for anyone who wishes to go in and pray on this day.
Hubbie will take half a day off from work tomorrow and we will get our work done then.
We watched Survivor on TV and just rested tonight.
Join me in bowing our heads for 1 last prayer before this day comes to and end!!
Good Night and God Bless

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Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

What a beautiful blog!!! I am so glad I found you. I live in NC and we have visited Hendersonville. I think it is a beautiful town. My Mr. Man and I also love Lake Lure. Three years ago for our 25th anniversary we stayed at Lake Lure Inn . . . we LOVED it. I love to connect to NC bloggers especially the ones that LOVE our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I have decided to follow your blog. Please come by Seeking Grace for a visit soon.
HIS Grateful daughter,