Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today is a sunny warm day already and it's just after 9 am. I finally opened the gate and turned the cattle back down in the bottom pastures,as we are finally out of the flash flood warning.
House work Tuesday began with laundry. I called a realtor friend of mine to get her to look over the old in-laws house to give me a estimate of it's value. We are meeting there at 3.
I didn't take much of a lunch break as I wanted to finish my cleaning before 3.
Our meeting went well and she even has someone that might be interested in buying the house.
Then hubbie ,bro-in-law, and I met with another prospective buyer. We got home around 5 and I finished the laundry and gathered towels from the line.
Hubbie had a meeting at church tonight at 7 so after he left I walked and then helped daughter plant her herb and vegetable bed.
Hubbie got home around 9 and he finished helping her while I started baking.
As I walked this evening I noticed some new blooms. In the edge of the trees in front of the house there is a large clump of these Wild Yellow Flag Iris. A bit out of their habitat I would say since we live on a hill and these are usually a swamp flower. I'm glad their not in the swamp because they sure are bright and pretty.
These are some of daughter's Stella Dora day lilies that are starting to bloom and poke their heads through the fence. These are my favorite day lily because they keep blooming throughout the summer.
My Kousa Dogwood tree is blooming vibrantly this year. I planted this tree several years ago in the back yard where I feed the birds because it produces a sweet fruit that the birds love. The fruit of this tree is edible to humans also. This is a japanese dogwood that always blooms about a month after wild dogwoods bloom.
This pot of chives is in bloom early this year probably because it has been so warm. Chive flowers are edible,there are many recipes to use them in various dishes. Chive flower vinegar has a mild chive/onion flavor and a pretty pink color. Wonderful on fresh salads. I just rinse the flowers ,shake all the water from them,put them in a jar and pour white vinegar over them. When you are ready to use it you can strain the vinegar or leave the the flowers in but be warned they have a very strong flavor!
This is not blooming yet but each time I see this weed which grows all around our place I have a new respect for this plant because of the research I did last fall. This is called Ladysthumb or Virginsthumb because of the heart shaped print on every leaf. It is said to have been left there when the Virgin Mary pinch the leaves. All I know is it definitely is a mystery plant with this same mark on every leaf,another of God's wondrous mysteries!!
I have finished my baking it is midnight and I'm off to bed to rest and begin again tomorrow!!
Thankfully God will be walking beside me in all that tomorrow holds.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I have never heard of the chive flower venegar... My folks use to have chives and cut them up and put them on salads. Is this the same thing???

Love those yellow daylilies... We have them all over the place up here since they do bloom all summer.

Hope you sell the inlaws home. That will be a good monkey to get off of your back!