Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Early start this morning,I have a lot to do today. After lifting weights and breakfast I packed up a caramel cake to ship to Florida. I told the lady it would probably be in crumbs by the time it got there,but she said she didn't care,she just had to have one of my cakes!
I charged her $12 for shipping and it wound up being $13.50 so I'll know next time to charge more! I called and asked her to let me know what condition it is in when it gets to her.
After a stop at the P.O. I headed down the mountain to the doc's office again for some more lab work.
I had to go to Ingles to get some supplies to make more cakes today,I picked up a salad from there for a quick lunch.
I baked an oven full of cakes while I iced 6 caramel cakes.
My rock patio has a bunch of weeds coming up in it and I spent some time pulling them before going up to my cousin's house. We looked at each other's old pictures and talked and laughed all afternoon. It was a very nice visit , but she didn't know much more than I did about my dad's life. I did get a look at a picture of my grandfather that I had never seen and she is looking up a picture of both my grandfather and grandmother for me to make a copy of. It was after 6 when I got home and hubbie had supper ready,that was nice.
After we ate we planted the remainder of our plants and he tilled the garden.All this rain is sure making the weeds grow!!
Like grandmother (nena) Like grandson.
I have no idea what I'm so excited about but g-son loves the beach!
I will be so excited to get all my pictures organized so I can find pictures of things easily.
When I first saw this picture of g-son that d-in-love took it reminded me of this picture of me but I've just now been able to locate it.

I payed bills and did paperwork tonight while daughter baked and then she and I both did all our icings,wrapped and labeled things.
I had to change the band-aid on a place the dermatologist cut out of her arm this morning. It has a stitch in it and she passed out in his office while he was sewing it up so she didn't want to take a chance on it making her sick again tonight.
I am very tired tonight and my back is hurting. I didn't think I had that busy of a day to make me as tired as I feel,bet I'll sleep well tonight.
Thanking God for all his blessings today, and praying that it will be His will for this lab work to be normal as the other was.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I was glad to hear that you all will be going to the beach. Where are you going this summer?

Let me know how that cake shipped.... I might order one from you sometime....Is your Caramel Cake your most popular???

Why more lab work??? Is this just more of your physical?

Glad you had some fun with your cousin.


Tracy said...

Mom, here's the link to Rebeccca's blog:

She has a cake recipe on there that we should try, it sounds yummy!