Saturday, May 29, 2010


Up and out early this morning to beat the crowds down town. Had a busy day at market but about mid morning our parking lot filled with people walking uptown to the Garden Jubilee.
Our business slowed quite a bit after this. However I am very thankful I sold out completely for the first time this season.Thank you Lord!
Daughter and I walked up to main street after market and went from one end to the other. I think we cornered the market on herbs,if there is one we don't have after today, we don't need it!This is daughter giving that "would you come on" look !! There was a lot of craft booths among the plant booths.There was a good crowd even in the mid 80's heat and blistering sunshine reflecting off the asphalt.This was a friend's stand,she has a wide variety of herbs and flowers but not some mints I was looking for.This was the oddest looking plant I saw. I almost bought one but I thought $20 was a bit high.I did however spend $25 for this unique bird feeder. A large dinner plate on top of a chick feeder with a bread plate on the bottom. I just had to have one of these. I'm trying to get hubbie to find out how to drill holes in glass so I can make some of these.Couldn't have asked for a better day for a street festival. Look at that blue sky !
We had a great time and got some new plants. I got some orange mint , lime mint, tarragon,stevia, chamomile ,marjoram, tomatoes,citronella plant,aloe ,varigated mint, and I'm sure I missed some. Now I have to find planting pots for all of these.
G-son was here when I got home, his mom was at a baby shower. It was almost 5:30 when I got home after doing my shopping for supplies for next week's baking.
We had fresh steamed broccoli for supper and g-son had pizza.
After mom picked him up I put the dogs up and rested for a while.
More digging up the past tonight. Found photos of great grandmother's grave that I took when I visited there in 1994.
I am stiff and sore from all that walking tonight. A good hot soak in the tub will feel good tonight.
Glory to God for today,just looking around at all nature has to offer sometimes is simply mind boggling.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I love looking for treasures and ideas.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hello Marilyn, Goodness---I wouldn't know one herb plant from another. Hope all of yours are marked!!!! Looks like a great festival. Glad you and your daughter had a good time.

Love that bird feeder.... I would buy that one also!!!

Hope today is as good a day as yesterday.