Monday, May 10, 2010


I should have known the day after such a restful day as yesterday would be crazy busy!
I started out delivering Avon, some of my customers are elderly widow women and those stops are always hard for me because they talk and talk and don't I have the heart to leave after just a quick drop off. This morning I spent almost 45 minutes at 1 stop,duh, that puts a spin on my morning for sure! Not that I don't enjoy talking also but I have my deliveries scheduled around break and lunch times at some of the business stops and only have a small window of time change. I had to skip 1 book drop off this morning and push it into Thursday after market.
I still got home around 1:00 ,ate a quick lunch,gathered some paperwork and we headed to the lawyers office for our meeting about owner financing hubbie's old house. We had g-son today and I expected him to go to sleep on the way there,but he went to sleep as soon as we started the meeting anyway.
We won't be going the owner financing route, not with all the pitfalls lurking there.
We left there and went to hubbie's brother's house,told him what we found out and he agreed we shouldn't go that way.
The main pitfall in this would be if we have to foreclose, after the foreclosure trial we have to actually buy the property back off the courthouse steps, that's crazy!! Since January 1st of this year several law changes in this area have put many additional risk into this loan process,especially in NC. If Congress passes a certain bill that is now before them owner financing will be a thing of the past everywhere as it states in this bill that to finance realestate you will have to have a mortgage lenders license.Another Obama idea,me thinks!!!!
D-in-love met us at home to pick up g-son so he could see his dad a few minutes before he had to go to work. Thankfully the new job is working out and the shift work doesn't seem to bother him.
It started raining while we were at br-in-laws and is still raining lightly while I was outside feeding dogs,brrrrr it is cold and damp.
Saw this picture on a local news site and thought that was some determined Dogwood tree growing inside that silo. Perfect example of how determination to survive can be a very beautiful thing.
After a light supper I got started organizing all my photos,this is something I've been needing to do for years and am determined to get some kind of organized records and storage method for all these photos,especially the very old ones.
Tomorrow will have a yucky start because I have my yearly bloodwork and physical in the morning. I will definitely be saying a prayer tonight!
On a sad note,it has happened again,this time of year I have always held my breath, because it seems that every year just before graduation time there is always an accident in which a local high school student is badly hurt or killed right before graduation.
This afternoon in Southern Buncombe county a 16 year old student drove head-on into a service truck and was thought to be DOA ,but after finding a slight pulse they flew her to the hospital,where she is fighting for her life tonight. Praying for her and her family tonight.By the look of her car you can see why they thought the worse. I'm sure God has a plan for this young lady one way or the other. Maybe it is a good sign that she even survived such a collision as this. No one knows now why she crossed that yellow line into oncoming traffic.
Praying tonight for the accident victim and feeling very grateful for the burden lifted today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry about the teen accident... I don't know why teens get cars so young --since so many of them are immature and irresponsible. My oldest granddaughter just turned 16 last November --and her other grandfather bought her a used car. I think that is TOO young!!!! Oh Well!!!

Love seeing the Dogwood growing all around that old silo. Talk about determined!!!!

Sorry about the Owner Financing --but you are smart NOT to do it.

It's been cold and wet here too.... HATE it. I had to get my sweats back out!!!! GADS! ha

Love your header!!!!

Gail said...

Have a wonderful day!

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I will be praying for the teen girl. I have a fifteen year old that just got his permit a few days ago. I tell him, (Caleb) to be careful . . . thank goodness he has to drive with someone over 21 for 1 year before he can drive alone.
Also praying all goes well with the closing. I am well aware of all OB changes in NC and I have not been impressed so far. We just have to keep praying. Our house (six years old) had a crack in the foundation . . . insurance would not cover . . . builder would not cover. Obama should think about helping homeowners that really need help. Sorry this is so long.

Nezzy said...

I always hate to hear about these horrific accidents. I will be remembering this young lady in my prayers.

That old silo brings back memories of my Granny and Pappy's farm. We have no silos here on the Ponderosa.

God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful day!!!